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Highly Specialized in preclinical studies

CRO Services

Gubra offers expert preclinical research services enabling pharmaceutical and biotech companies to advance their drug development pipeline. Our capabilities in preclinical studies include in vivo pharmacology, ex vivo assays, drug profiling, histology, stereology and whole brain and organ imaging. We employ a combination of unique techniques to profile drug candidates in a wide array of clinically translatable research models.

Brain Of Preclinical Research Mouse Model Being Washed By Machine

Preclinical Contract Research Services

By disease areas

Test your compound in our validated NASH/MASH mouse models.

Progress your study with our readily available DIO models.

Explore our broad and advanced preclinical kidney model portfolio.

Visualize and quantify your drug’s effects on the brain to progress your study with more certainty.

Lung (IPF)
Benefit from our extensive knowhow in IPF and highly advanced models.

Heart (CVD)
Test the efficacy of your novel agents in our models tailored for your needs.

Intestine (IBD)
Explore histopathological endpoints in our chronic DSS-IBD mouse model.

Qualify and advance your assessment of novel compounds.

Non-rodent Studies
Use Gubra’s state-of-the-art PK, NGS and bioinformatics platform in miniature pigs.

By technology

3D Imaging
Visualize and quantify your drug candidate’s effects in any organs.

2D Histology
Benefit from our expert 2D histology technologies.

Unlock the molecular mode of action of your compounds with our advanced services.

complete preclinical research solutions

Study Execution Overview

Explore how Gubra conducts a preclinical study as a trusted CRO partner.
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Gubra’s research team consists of 200+ skilled scientists and technicians with expertise in metabolic and fibrotic diseases. Every study at Gubra is handled by a dedicated Study Team throughout the whole process, facilitating continuous and transparent communications with the sponsor company.

Choose the right
Preclinical CRO Service

We are highly specialized and experienced in bridging preclinical and clinical drug development. We provide clear and conclusive data with precise, detailed data presentation. Partner with us and get expert advice on your preclinical studies.

imaging services across indications

Visualize and quantify
your drug’s effects

Gubra offers state-of-the art 3D imaging technologies to visualize pathogenesis and drug distribution in brain and organs at single cell resolutions.

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