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We are specialized in preclinical contract research services enabling pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to make fast and solid data based decisions moving projects forward. Our services include preclinical studies in a wide variety of rodent models, which can be adapted according to the specific scientific question in focus. We have a very high availably of animals, which means we can start your study with short notice.

Our team of highly specialized scientists have extensive experience leading studies and solving complex scientific challenges. We handle the entire process in house from in vivo pharmacology, data processing (ex vivo assays, histology, stereology, RNA sequencing, bioinformatics etc.) to final presentation of data. We maintain a constant focus on providing solid data as well as completing projects on time, within budget and according to the highest scientific standards.

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Principal scientist
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“Gubra has succeeded in combining careful design, enlightened scientific methodology and rigorous attention to detail with timely reporting. This is a rare feat for a CRO, and one that sets Gubra apart from other organizations in this space.“

Michael Cowley
Head of Department of Physiology | Monash University


Benefit from our extensive NASH know-how and test your compound in our validated DIO mouse model of NASH.


Qualify and advance your assessment of novel compounds to treat type 2 diabetes and diabetic complications.

Diabetic complications

Check out our novel rodent models of diabetic nephropathy and diabetic cardiomyopathy.


Tap into our vast scientific experience with diet-induced obesity (DIO) models and other commercially available models.


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