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Discovery Programs

Target Discovery

Our in-house developed platform preDict uses AI and machine learning for its target discovery. The platform enables a rapid biological and data-driven approach to target discovery and target validation. 

Why choose Gubra?
  • Track record of ingenuity-based target discovery​
  • Streamlined database
  • Rapid off-the-shelf translational models​
  • Integrative target discovery qualification and validation
  • Discovery on your target

Consult with Lise Biehl Rudkjær

Senior Director, Business Development

Join forces with Gubra, a trustworthy discovery partner.

AI-driven target discovery & rapidly qualified in vivo PoC

Target Discovery​

Streamline for Target Discovery ​
The preDict platform combines state-of-the-art translational preclinical data to identify novel druggable targets.

Target Qualification​

Powered by algorithms​
The preDict‘s algorithm identifies and ranks targets based on algorithms, using advanced analytical methods such as RNAseq, scRNAseq, AI-assisted histopathology and biochemical assays on samples.​

 Target Validation​

Strong hit rate​
Several novel targets have already been identified using our preDict platform and validated in our in vivo pharmacology models​.

The preDict platform enables flexible inter-organ target discovery

preDict unifies various types of data with advanced AI, machine-learning, and scientific ingenuity fueling holistic insights into biology and data-driven target discovery. 

Target discovery areas

  • State-of-the-art preclinical NASH database
  • In-depth characterization of preclinical models
  • Partnership with Silence Therapeutics : identification of selected novel liver-directed targets (preDict)
  • Preclinical and clinical database with translational models
  • In-depth characterization of preclinical models
  • Expertise in preclinical obesity, 3D imaging and sequencing technology

  • Isolation and sequencing of key CNS areas for body weight set-point ​

  • Partnership with Boehringer Ingelheim : uncovering the next-generation of anti-obesity treatments (preDict)

  • Translatable preclinical lungs fibrosis models for efficacy and target discovery​

  • ​Database with integrated AI-histopathological Ashcroft scoring and RNA-sequencing for target prediction

  • Integrative database of translatable data in numerous disease models

  • Mapping of the biological interplay in digestive and metabolic diseases​

  • Characterization of fibrosis in IBD and Crohn’s disease​

  • Early inflammation
  • Late inflammation
  • Early fibrosis
  • Late fibrosis

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