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At Gubra, we harness our extensive scientific expertise to conduct preclinical research studies dedicated to combating obesity. Our preclinical CRO services include efficacy and mode-of-action studies, utilizing state-of-the-art diet-induced obese rodent models of obesity. Through a combination of in vivo studies, including real-time food intake monitoring and biomarker analysis, we offer comprehensive evaluations of your drug candidate. Histology, 3D whole-brain imaging, and RNAseq further enhance insights into the mode of anti-obesity drug action of our studies.

Why choose Gubra?

  • Expert scientific guidance in preclinical obesity research
  • 15+ years of experience in anti-obesity drug profiling
  • Diet-induced obesity (DIO) mouse models ready-to-use for your study
  • Individually tailored efficacy study design to meet your research objectives
  • Whole-brain 3D imaging to capture and analyze drug responses
Gubra scientist conducting preclinical research in obesity drug profiling focusing on appetite supressing effects

Consult with Marco Tozzi

Senior Scientist, Scientific Sales

Advance your obesity drug development with our extensive knowhow.

Comprehensive Models for Preclinical Research in Obesity

Benefit from Gubra’s unparalleled expertise in preclinical obesity research. With a track record of successfully profiling numerous anti-obesity drug candidates, we ensure a rapid delivery of comprehensive and actionable data for your research needs. Our specialized in vivo study designs, coupled with a wide range of industry-standard rodent models of obesity, guarantee in-depth evaluation of your drug candidate’s therapeutic efficacy and mode of action.

Main Efficacy Study Offerings

Preclinical research in obesity

Instant availability of
(DIO) mice models

Preclinical research in obesity

Treatment efficacy studies

Preclinical research in obesity

Food intake monitoring

Preclinical research in obesity

Gastric emptying studies

Preclinical research in obesity

Taste aversion studies

Preclinical research in obesity

Energy expenditure testing

Accelerate your anti-obesity drug profiling

Animal models of obesity available

Investigate your compound’s mode of action

Acute obesity studies offering

Progress your study with greater certainty

Whole-brain imaging of
drug distribution

In the pursuit of effective drug candidates, understanding drug biodistribution and access to the brain is crucial. Anti-obesity drugs may cross the blood-brain barrier to engage with appetite-regulating regions. Gubra uses industry-leading 3D imaging techniques to determine the distribution of fluorescently tagged therapeutic peptides and antibodies throughout the entire brain. This comprehensive approach ensures precise visualization of drug distribution, drug target mapping and quantifiable treatment outcomes providing insights for your drug candidate research.

Cloud-based brain data viewer


Gubra offers an interactive cloud-based brain-viewer combining visual and quantitative data from whole brain imaging. Click on any brain region and get instant access to statistical information about cell counts and signal intensities. The platform provides valuable insights, facilitating easy access across multiple geographical sites for informed decision-making in the anti-obesity drug development.

Close-up Of 3D Light Sheet Imaged Mouse Brain Following Anti-obesity Drug Treatment

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