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Discovery Programs

Drug Discovery

Our ML/AI-driven peptide drug discovery platform streaMLine enables us to rapidly develop a peptide hit to a clinically ready candidate with balanced properties and strong IP protection. We handle any type of peptide, and all our work is done in-house to ensure quality and speed.

Why Gubra?
  • Expertise in peptide drugs
  • One-stop shop for peptide drug discovery
  • AI/ML-driven drug discovery platform
  • Fast delivery of clinical candidates
  • Proven track record of successful programs

Consult with Lise Biehl Rudkjær

Senior Director, Business Development

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ML/AI-driven Peptide Drug Discovery

The streaMLine platform

The streaMLine platform is our ML/AI-driven platform for peptide drug discovery. We use high-throughput AI-driven data analysis and peptide library designs. We optimize several parameters in parallel to quickly obtain the best clinical candidate. All our work is done in-house to ensure its quality.

The streaMLine platform enables smarter and faster peptide drug discovery.

Discover our unique ML/AI-driven platform developed by in-house experts.

In-house data generation – high quality & speed

One-stop shop for peptide drug discovery

  • Customized peptide libraries
  • 4000+ peptides per month
  • Linear peptidescyclic peptides
  • Natural & unnatural amino acids
  • Half-life extenderslinkers, and fluorophore labeling
  • Agonist & antagonist
  • Internalization
  • Protein-protein interactions
  • Solubility
  • Physical stability
  • Chemical stability
  • PK
  • Metabolite identification
  • Exposure analysis
  • Expert CRO in rodent in vivo pharmacology
  • Golden-standard models in all indications related to metabolic and fibrotic diseases
  • Sophisticated in-vivo endpoints
  • Supported by assay, histology, imaging and NGS facilities
  • AI-driven data analyses and compound design 
  • A specialized team of data-scientist and software developers

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