Discover our proprietary target and drug discovery platform streaMLine

We have longstanding experience leading large target and drug discovery programs with external partners in diabetes, obesity, NASH and other related diseases.

With our comprehensive databases containing hundreds of preclinical and clinical samples, our high-end NGS methodologies and team of uniquely skilled computational biologists, we provide a complete and remarkable platform from prediction, qualification and validatation of targets.

Enter our target and drug discovery univers


Target discovery

Investigate the unique properties of our target discovery platform and universe.

Peptide drug discovery

This part of our discovery platform and universe is unlike anything else. 

Discover streaMLine

Learn how our flexible AI/ML platform can support your target or drug discovery objectives.

Gubra pipeline

We have a history of successful partnerships. Here you can view our exciting portfolio of projects with high potential. We are always open to new partnerships.

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