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We make histology into clear interpretable data. Gubra is a leading CRO specialized in histology services using AI-assisted quantification of disease markers and therapeutic endpoints. Our full-range histology service is fully integrated with our in vivo platform to ensure efficient, complete and high-quality evaluation of study endpoints.

Why Gubra?
  • Expert histology solutions
  • Clinical endpoints to ensure translatability
  • Histopathology hallmark stainings
  • High‐throughput multiplex stainings
  • AI-assisted quantitative histology
  • AI-enabled unbiased histopathological scoring
  • Unbiased stereology-based quantitative histology

Consult with Marco Tozzi

Research Scientist, Scientific Sales

Find out how histology can be tailored to map targets and therapeutic effects of your drug.

Complete and high-quality histology analysis can move your drug pipeline forward

High-quality histology is essential in preclinical drug development to understand its mode of action. We offer routine and advanced histology services, including core histology, multiplex immunohistochemistry, RNAScope®, as well as unbiased stereology analysis for best-practice whole-sample quantitative histology.

Main Offerings

Multiplexed IHC &
ISH endpoints

histopathological scoring


Unbiased stereological

Applicable to
all organs

clear interpretable data

Histology Solutions

Cloud-based data reporting

Explore your histology data in GubraView

GubraView presents real-time, high-resolution histology data and provides a clear overview of your endpoints with interactive functionalities.

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