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Cro services in

Heart (CVD)

Gubra offers a unique combination of in vivo and ex vivo methodologies to evaluate drug efficacy on cardiovascular endpoints. Advance your drug pipeline using Gubra’s advanced preclinical CRO services within cardiovascular diseases.

Why Gubra?
  • Hypertension models with non-invasive blood pressure monitoring
  • High-throughput models of atherosclerosis
  • Advanced 3D imaging for atherosclerotic plaque quantification
  • Heart failure models with cardiac fibrosis
  • Extensive experience within echocardiography

Consult with Michael Christensen

Principal Scientist, Scientific Sales

Accelerate your drug development with clinical endpoints applied to heart disease models.

Advanced 3D imaging for assessment of clinically relevant endpoints

We offer sophisticated models of atherosclerosis and apply our world leading 3D imaging platform to analyze plaque formation and bring high-resolution data. For Heart failure models we deliver extensive assessment of cardiac function via echocardiography analysis and image analysis of cardiac fibrosis.


Main Offerings

High resolution

fibrosis scoring

whole heart imaging

plaque lesion imaging

Assessment of
plasma markers

Explore cardioprotective drug candidates with Gubra

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) models

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