The Science of Certainty

Gubra enables you to progress your preclinical pharmacology development for metabolic disorders with more certainty than any other research partner. We offer highly specialized services within five main disease areas.


Benefit from our extensive know-how in NASH and test your compound in our validated DIO NASH mouse models.

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Kidney (CKD)

Check out our novel rodent models of diabetic nephropathy.

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Heart (CVD)

Check out our novel rodent models of diabetic cardiomyopathy.

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Qualify and advance your assessment of novel compounds to treat type 2 diabetes and diabetic complications.

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Tap into our vast scientific experience with diet-induced obesity (DIO) models and other commercially available models.

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Neurodegenerative diseases
– a customized service

With a strong academic background in neuroscience and neurostereology we have conducted several preclinical studies of neurodegenerative diseases, including Parkinson and Alzheimers Disease.

3D imaging of neurons

Light-sheet fluorescence microscopy allows for 3D imaging, mapping and quantification of neurons at single cell resolution throughout the entire, intact mouse brain.

In animal models of Parkinson Disease (PD) estimation of dopaminergic neuron numbers and projections are imperative for model phenotyping and assessment of drug treatment effects.

Do you want to be part of a great team aiming high? Join us.

Our ambition is that Gubra is a place where talented people are empowered to put their competencies and passion into play every day. We work as a team to make a difference for people with serious metabolic diseases.


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