The Science of Certainty

Gubra enables you to progress your preclinical development for metabolic diseases with more certainty than any other research partner.

Gubra is a contract research organisation and a biotech company.


We offer highly specialized CRO services within the
metabolic space. 


We have longstanding experience leading large target and drug
discovery programs with external partners.

Rooted in the Gut-Brain Axis

Gubra is an abbreviation for GUt and BRAin, the original key focus areas of our research and expertise. We believe that the next great leap forward in treatment paradigms within obesity, diabetes and related metabolic disorders will be found in the interplay of the gut and the brain.

A better understanding of the gut-brain axis will reveal the aetiology of diabetes, obesity and related metabolic disorders and guide us towards novel future treatments of today’s unmed medical needs.


Upcoming Events

May 13-18 American Thoracic Society (ATS) 2022. Meet up with Director Michael Feigh and Research Scientist Asbjørn Graver Petersen.
May 19-22 ERA Congress. Meet up with with Senior Scientist Michael Christensen. 
May 21-24 European Society of Cardiology (ESC) - Heart Failure 2022. Meet up with Principal Scientist Urmas Roostalu at the conference.
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+ 10 February 2022 Today, Gubra announced the signing of a research collaboration with Silence Therapeutics. The collaboration will explore the potential of RNAi therapy against selected novel liver-directed targets (undisclosed). Read more
+ 11 January 2022 The Gubra imaging team came up with the idea of a shared site for virtual neuroscience and exploration of the mouse brain based on expression maps of whole mouse brains donated by laboratories across the world. They call it NeuroPedia. Read more
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We believe

CSR as usual is not an option

Corporate Responsibility requires more than just big ideas, it requires a firm financial commitment. Gubra is dedicated to donating / investing 10 percent of our pretax profit to social and environmental activities every year.

Latest Gubra webinar

Scientist-to-scientist webinar:

Nephroprotective effects of semaglutide in a preclinical model of hypertensive diabetic kidney disease

In this webinar, Gubra’s experts on preclinical DKD models, Principal Scientists Mette Østergaard and Henrik Björk Hansen, will discuss the effects of semaglutide on renal functional, histological and gene expression markers of advanced DKD in the db/db UNx-ReninAAV mouse.

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Release date 27 October. Duration 23 min.

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Our ambition is that Gubra is a place where talented people are empowered to put their competencies and passion into play every day. We work as a team to make a difference for people with serious metabolic diseases.