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Gubra enables you to progress your preclinical pharmacology development for metabolic disorders with more certainty than any other research partner


Qualify and advance your assessment of novel compounds to treat type 2 diabetes and diabetic complications.


Tap into our vast scientific experience with diet-induced obesity (DIO) models and other commercially available models.


Benefit from our extensive NASH know-how and test your compound in our validated DIO mouse model of NASH.

Gastrointestinal diseases

Leverage our rodent models and stereological expertise to evaluate disease stages for example in inflammatory bowel disease.

“Gubra is easy to work with – less paperwork, valuable scientific input, flexible project management as well as clear and proactive communication.”

Jim Trevaskis
Principal Scientist, Head of In Vivo Pharmacology, Cardiovascular & Metabolic Diseases | MedImmune

“When it comes to working with Gubra, I highly appreciate the strong scientific involvement and curiosity that permeates our collaborations. I cannot ask for a stronger partner in our human physiology and clinical research projects.”

Filip Knop
MD, PhD, Director of Center for Diabetes Research | Gentofte Hospital, University of Copenhagen

“The long term experience and the deep scientific competence of Gubra partners adds value to the studies and is a guaranty for trustworthy results.“

Dr. Michael Mark
Vice President | Boeringer Ingelheim

NASH review

Review of preclinical models of NASH discussing the advantages and limitations of current in vivo mouse models used in drug discovery for NASH.
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Press Release

Find out more about the partner program between Boeringer Ingelheim Pharma and Gubra.

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