The Science of Certainty

Rooted in the Gut-Brain-Axis, Gubra enables you to progress your preclinical development for metabolic diseases with more certainty than any other research partner. 


We offer highly specialized CRO services within the
metabolic space. 


We have longstanding experience leading large target and drug
discovery programs with external partners.

We believe 

CSR as usual is not an option

Corporate Responsibility requires more than just big ideas, it requires a firm financial commitment. Gubra is dedicated to donating 10 percent of our pretax profit to social and environmental activities every year.

Upcoming Events

January 28-29 Meet up with Gubra co-founder Niels Vrang at the Danish Diabetes Academy event ‘Drug development – What is hot and not?’ an introduction to drug development in metabolic diseases from an academia and life science industry perspective
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+ 07 December 2020 Gubra wins EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2020, Region Zealand for the 2nd year in a row. Now we are all set for the country finals 21 January. Read more
+ 29 June 2020 At Gubra, we have accomplished a robust investment solution for all our employees by intentionally opting for a sustainable pension scheme (AP Bæredygtig). Read more
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Rooted in the Gut-Brain Axis

Gubra is an abbreviation for GUt and BRAin, the original key focus areas of our research and expertise. We believe that the next great leap forward in treatment paradigms within obesity, diabetes and related metabolic disorders will be found in the interplay of the gut and the brain.

A better understanding of the gut-brain axis will reveal the aetiology of diabetes, obesity and related metabolic disorders and guide us towards novel future treatments of today’s unmed medical needs.

Latest blockbuster webinars

Webinar: Lost in translation – how to improve the translatability of rodent models of diabetic kidney disease

Senior scientist Mette Viberg Østergaard introduces to the challenges of using current rodent models of diabetic kidney disease in drug discovery and development. Mette then presents an example of how translatability may be improved in a model of diabetic kidney disease in the setting of type 2 diabetes and hypertension.

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Release time and duration: November 2020, 23 minutes

Webinar: Imaging diabetes using light sheet microscopy

In this webinar, principal scientist and biologist Jacob Hecksher-Sørensen talks about how to label the beta cells and image the whole pancreas, how to quantify the beta cell volume in mouse models of Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, and lastly, Jacob takes us down new avenues imaging the nerves and vasculature.

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Release time and duration: October 2020, 17 minutes

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Our ambition is that Gubra is a place where talented people are empowered to put their competencies and passion into play every day. We work as a team to make a difference for people with serious metabolic diseases.