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Preclinical CRO services in

Non-rodent Studies

Streamline your preclinical drug development with Gubra’s minipig CRO platform, including pharmacokinetics, metabolic studies, next-generation sequencing analysis and bioinformatics. Minipigs show close resemblance to human physiology, being ideal for translational studies. Our minipig studies provide good predictions of drug pharmacokinetic properties and adverse effects in humans.

Why choose Gubra for your non-rodent studies?

  • Environmentally controlled minipig facilities
  • Full-service global partner in preclinical drug development
  • Full-service laboratory
  • Individually tailored study design to meet your research objectives
  • Expert management of compound preparation and exposure analysis
Minipig Studies
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Advance your drug development with Gubra’s preclinical mini pig models

Advanced Preclinical Drug Development with Translational Mini Pig Models

Gubra offers miniature pig models applicable in both early and late-stage preclinical drug development, featuring high translational value for clinical study design. We integrate state-of-the-art PK analyses, NGS, and bioinformatics in a standard operating procedure (SOP) controlled environment to deliver regulatory-compliant solutions and data packages. Minipigs, with human-like anatomical and physiological traits, are ideal for drug PK studies. Our facility is approved by the Danish Experimental Inspectorate and monitored by our Animal Welfare Body.

Main Offerings
minipig studies

Instant availability of
Göttingen Minipigs

RNA sequencing


Profile your preclinical drug candidate

Mini pig model

Progress your study with greater certainty

Utilizing 3D Whole Organ Imaging in Non-Rodent Studies

Explore the full potential of 3D whole organ imaging with Gubra’s specialized services for minipig studies. Our high-throughput 3D light sheet imaging provides unparalleled insights into drug targets’ tissue distribution, biodistribution, and pharmaceutical modes of action. We offer comprehensive support from study design through data interpretation, utilizing advanced techniques such as high-resolution imaging, multiplexed antibody staining, and AI-enhanced analysis to deliver precise and actionable results.

Cloud-based brain data viewer


Gubra offers an interactive cloud-based 3D brain-viewer. Click on any brain region and get instant access to quantitative information about cell counts and signal intensities. The platform facilitates easy access across multiple geographical sites.

Minipig Studies

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