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We offer a full palette of advanced transcriptomics incl. Bulk RNAseq, Single cell RNAseq, Spatial Transcriptomics & ATACseq. We accept most types of tissue, including fresh frozen or archived material (FFPE). Trust Gubra for fast turnaround, expert bioinformatic analysis and presentation of data in our unique platform (GubraView).

Why Gubra?
  • Advanced transcriptomics options
  • Accepting multiple sample types
  • Fast results delivery
  • Expert analysis provided
  • Unique data presentation platform (GubraView)

Consult with Marco Tozzi

Research Scientist, Scientific Sales

Advance your drug development using our advanced RNAseq services.

We transform complex omics networks into clear interpretable data

Unlock the molecular mode of action of your compounds with Gubra’s cutting-edge sequencing services. From bulk RNAseq to single cell and Spatial RNAseq, we provide thousands of data points per sample and turn complex information into insightful conclusions.

Main Offerings



Single cell RNAseq


Spatial Transcriptomics


Unlock the secrets of your molecules

RNAseq Services

Your portal to new Insights

Explore your gene expression data in GubraView

GubraView presents real-time, high-resolution RNAseq data. It also provides clear overviews and interactive functionalities for deep data analysis and specific queries. Developed by our in-house expert bioinformaticians.


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