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Discovery Programs


Gubra is well-known as a professional and strong scientific collaboration partner. Our agile data-driven approach is highly valued by our partners and is key to our success. We dedicate great attention and resources to each partnership, and we are always open for new collaboration opportunities.

Why choose Gubra?
  • Trusted collaboration partner
  • Extensive scientific knowledge
  • One-team approach to partnerships
  • Professional & agile project organization
  • High quality & rapid data delivery

Consult with Lise Biehl Rudkjær

Senior Director, Business Development

Choose the right, trustworthy discovery partner.

Our Areas of Expertise

Disease Focus Areas

  • Metabolism, fibrosis and inflammation
  • MASH, obesity, renal and cardiovascular diseases
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)
  • Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF)

Peptide Drug Discovery

  • All types of peptide molecules

  • Rapid peptide synthesis – up to 4000 peptides/month

  • Unbiased and systematic approach through streaMLine platform
  • Peptide hit to develop into a clinical candidate

Target Discovery

  • All types of targets

  • Advanced data-driven approach through PreDict platform

  • Rapid In Vivo validation and Proof of Concept

  • Flexible inter-organ approach

How we work

Diverse collaborations

We collaborate with pharmaceutical and biotech companies and leading academic institutions. We are a trusted, competent partner in the discovery and preclinical space, and early clinical development.

One-team or joint efforts

We can work with your scientists as one team, or you can guide us as an external independent biotech group. You can choose what is best suited for your project.

Flexible approach to deal making

We recognize that every partner and program is unique and we take a pragmatic approach to deal making. The goal is to provide benefits for all parties with creative solutions.

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