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3D Imaging

Our light sheet microscopy and whole organ labelling are revolutionizing the understanding of disease progression and drug distribution. Gubra is industry-leading in whole organ imaging and AI-assisted quantification of histological markers. Our cutting-edge approach is shaping the future of 3D imaging in preclinical drug discovery.

Why Gubra?
  • Immunolabeling of disease endpoints
  • Whole organ ISH for receptor mapping
  • Visualization of viral or non-viral gene delivery
  • In vivo distribution of fluorescently labelled compounds
  • AI-assisted quantification of endpoints

Consult with Jacob Hecksher-Sørensen

Director, Scientific Sales

Find out how whole-organ 3D imaging can visualize and quantify drug effects.

Get the full picture
with whole organ imaging

We can apply quantitative 3D light sheet microscopy to any organs in the mouse and rat. Our imaging platform is integrated into Gubra’s pipeline and works seamlessly in combination with our animal models and in-house developed algorithms to ensure absolute quantification of disease endpoints.

Main Offerings

Quantitative whole
organ imaging

Applicable to all organs

Segmentation of
complex 3D structures

pharmacological solutions

Multiplexed IHC &
ISH endpoints

In vivo distribution

Whole Organ Imaging Services

Interpret complex organ effects

Explore Preclinical Endpoints in 3D

Cloud-based brain data viewer


Gubra offers an interactive cloud-based brain-viewer. Click on any brain region and get instant access to statistical information about cell counts and signal intensities. The platform facilitates easy access across multiple geographical sites.


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