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Sustainability in action

Together and over time, we can make a difference, one action at a time.


Rising to the double challenge

We humans are facing a nature and climate emergency, and the key is turning global commitments into action. The Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework (December 2022, Montreal) is a historic agreement that serves as a catalyst for action across all sectors, including governments, businesses, finance, and civil society. The aim is to increase global biodiversity by the end of the decade, reversing its loss, much like the Paris Agreement’s 1.5°C goal for the climate. This means halting and reversing biodiversity loss by 2030, making the world “nature positive by 2030.”

While we at Gubra cannot solve the grand challenges the world is facing by ourselves; we want to be part of the solution and we have an ethical obligation to act.

Head of CSR, Margit Bloch Avlund

Our vision is to implement a radically new approach to corporate social responsibility (CSR) and play an active role in the fight for a healthier and more sustainable world.

We pledge 10% green commitment

There is widespread agreement among politicians and within the business community about the need for radical change. However, to change, we need to deal with the win-win narrative, which for years has played too big a role in the corporate world and in politics. It is important to emphasize that win-win is insufficient, not bad. However, win-win sets the bar way too low – in effect, you should only go green as a company if it is in your financial interests, and you should only do it to the extent that it pays off for you. We believe not! Companies should do all they can to find solutions that not only benefit their bottom line but society at large. It is time to recognize that doing good for free, without it costing you anything, is a make-believe fairy tale.  That is why Gubra has committed to investing 10% of our pre-tax profit in environmental activities every year through our subsidiary Gubra Green.

Hope & action

Now is time to join forces

History shows us once and again that it pays to go together and fight for nature and the climate to bring back the needed balance on our planet. In all parts of the world, there are plenty of local success stories of communities joining forces and winning important battles. The successful environmental battle over emissions of freon and the protection of the ozone layer is a remarkable example. It is success stories like these that we need to retrieve and reinvent in a new local and global setting. To create the huge changes that we know are necessary for human survival on Earth, we need to be and act the change we want to see.

It is no use to lean back and just hope for the best, or even worse, to think that whatever we do as individuals does not matter.

Lead Communication & Culture Partner, Sofia Pitt Boserup

At Gubra, hope and action always go together. The steps we take together, we hope can inspire others to join. The more of us the better. Together and over time, we can make a difference, one action at a time.


At Gubra you are part of the solution

Our commitment to the environment is a fundamental part of our culture. We have established two key working bodies to ensure our dedication leads to meaningful action and reduction of our ecological footprint.  

The Green Steering Group (GSG): Members of the leadership team and green transition advocates. They outline our sustainability strategy, goals and roadmap with a focus on what we can do to ensure ‘order in own house’. Furthermore, they ensure our decisions are aligned with reducing our ecological footprint.

The Green Panel is our action team. It consists of passionate individuals from various departments who help turn strategic directives into practical initiatives. They collaborate to integrate sustainable practices into our daily operations.

The GSG and the Green Panel make it possible to bring forward new ideas and to follow through quickly. This is sustainability in action.

Head of CSR, Margit Bloch Avlund

These two, work together to bridge our sustainability commitment with real-world implementation, embodying our mission to make sustainability a core aspect of how we operate and contribute positively to our planet’s well-being. 


Does 150 hectares count?

Discover Gubra´s nature afforestation project on the island of Langeland, Danmark:

Between 2019-2021 Gubra has converted 150 hectares of conventional Danish farmland on Langeland and transformed the area into a mosaic of biodiversity-enhancing nature and CO2-absorbing forest. Fencing has been put in place to safeguard the emerging plant shoots from deer browsing. Later, these fences will be taken down, allowing public access to the areas. Even after a few years, the change in the landscape is remarkable!

Trees in abundance

We have planted more than 377,000 trees and bushes that all help stop climate change by removing carbon dioxide from the air, and storing carbon in the trees and soil.

Butterflies, bees and insects

Butterflies, bees, and other insects enjoy the diverse landscape and the favourable conditions to lay eggs which later transform into larvae and pupae. The large number of insects also serves as nourishment for local and migrating bird populations.

Increased birdlife a sign of ecosystem health

A healthy bird population indicates that the ecosystem accommodates several ecological niches. An abundance of prey and predator species suggest a well-functioning ecosystem that will gradually mature and be able to support an even higher degree of biodiversity.

Grazing cattle enhance the flora

We have established 9 new waterholes and laid out 50 hectares of open meadows and grassland. Thanks to our grazing and stomping Galloway cattle the flora in the area is becoming more diverse year by year.

Quality time together in the contryside

On the 150 hectares of farmland that Gubra has converted into biodiversity-enhancing nature and CO2-absorbing forest was an old worn-down farmhouse. It has been renovated and is now a beautiful country house that we sometimes use for our team meetings. It gives a possibility to enjoy quality time together and experience the new forests and grassland ecosystems first hand as they develop.


At the heart of Gubra is our Kitchen

The Gubra Kitchen is where exquisite flavours and sustainable meals come together in perfect symbiosis. Our talented chefs prioritize to buy their vegetables from local regenerative farmers and serve them with very little meat. Naturally, you can enjoy 100% vegetarian and vegan meals as well. The kitchen is literally at the heart of Gubra, and you are always welcome to drop by and ask just how they made that yummy dish.

Our philosophy is to show, not tell. We want to show that green foods taste great. My hope is to inspire our colleagues in their own cooking at home.

Henrik Mikkelsen, Head Chef of Gubra Kitchen

Food and drinks bring people together, also at Gubra – whether at special company events, daily lunches or Friday breakfasts from the Kitchen while we catch up on the news of the week.

Gubra kitchen principles

  • Primarily plant-based foods Serving primarily plant-based foods for the benefit of our health and the environment.
  • Homemade cooking Creating nourishing and tasty meals from fresh whole ingredients.
  • No food waste ‘Waste not, want not’. Cooking with a responsible and mindful use of resources.
  • Local producers Purchasing foods as much as possible through local farmers, growers, and producers. Exploring and enjoying the variety of local foods in season.
  • Organic food with no pesticides Cooking with organic foods and using pesticide-free ingredients.

Time together not working

Working at Gubra means joining forces and working together to solve challenging problems – big, small, and curled ones. We are after all scientific entrepreneurs. Co-creating innovation workshops and building strong and robust relationships through meaningful one-on-one interactions, or engaging walk & talks in the beautiful natural surroundings – these are just a few of the tools at our disposal to make work life at Gubra synonymous with fun, meaning and belonging. However, we like to think that working at Gubra is not only about work. It is also about spending time together not working.

Not working together at Gubra usually means being active together, breathing, stretching, spending time in nature and enjoying good food and wine.


Do you want a green ride?

A big part of Gubra’s collected CO2 emissions originate from our employees’ transportation to and from work. We work on our transportation habits to make them greener, more active and healthier.  

Parking spaces reserved for electric cars

12 of our car parking spaces are equipped with electric charging stations reserved for electric cars. 

Certified bike friendly workplace

Gubra is certified bike friendly workplace. A safe spot to park your bike and reload the batteries, bike service days, proper bathing facilities, and a place where you can hang your clothes to dry are all bare necessities for being a bike friendly workplace. So of course, we have that. On top of this we have an E-bike support program to provide financial assistance to all colleagues who buy an E-bike and commute to work this way. We do this to make it easy to choose green transportation. 

Bike and carpool campaigns

Every spring Gubra joins the Danish countrywide campaign BIKE TO WORK. This beautiful Spring campaign is a great reminder to all of us of the wonders of biking. Later in the year, we celebrate the beauty of sharing car rides together with a fun carpool campaign. Carpooling not only has great potential for reducing carbon emissions. It is also a great way of connecting with colleagues and even other commuting car-poolers going in the same direction.

Carpooling with nabogo

Some employees take the opportunity to drive together to and from Gubra. Carpooling is a great way of transporting ourselves smarter, cheaper and greener. To support this, we encourage the use of nabogo which is a route-based carpool app that makes it easy and advantageous to catch car rides with others in everyday life.

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