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CNS / Brain Imaging

Our imaging services provide a new innovative strategy for characterizing CNS disease models, mapping drug targets and evaluating treatment effects. We use fully automated light-sheet microscopy for 3D imaging of the intact brain at single cell resolution.

Why Gubra?
  • End-to-end light-sheet service provider
  • Fully automated immunolabeling and clearing
  • AI-assisted mapping and quantification
  • Cloud-based interactive brain data viewer
  • Approximately 2.5 months from study to data presentation

Consult with Jacob Hecksher-Sørensen

Director, Scientific Sales

Get expert advice on whole-brain imaging and discuss how to design your next study.

Imaging services that enable quantification and visualization of your drug’s effects

Gubra is changing the future of preclinical CNS drug discovery with an industry-leading 3D imaging platform. Explore how our whole-brain imaging pipeline can visualize drug distribution, map drug targets and quantify treatment outcomes in unprecedented detail.

Main Offerings

whole brain imaging

reference mapping

stereotactic surgery

pharmacological solutions

IHC & ISH endpoints

& cell therapy

Complex 3D imaging data to clear interpretable data

Atlas-defined CNS imaging endpoints

Open-source Brain Map Database

Visit NeuroPedia

NeuroPedia is an open source database for digital whole-brain maps recorded using light-sheet microscopy. Researchers around the globe can access data from various experiments and overlay gene expression data with neuronal activity and connectivity.


Visualize your drug’s effects

3D Imaging
Video Gallery

Visit our video gallery to see how 3D imaging can be applied to various disease models and histological markers.


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