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Preclinical CRO Services in

Kidney Diseases in CKD, DKD, and AKI

We specialize in providing high-end preclinical models tailored for your studies within chronic kidney disease (CKD), diabetic kidney disease (DKD), and acute kidney injury (AKI). Our translational models are instrumental for characterizing preclinical drug candidates and benchmark against current treatments. We offer full-service solutions in preclinical drug development. Partner with us to unlock new insights into kidney health and drive innovation in target and drug discovery.

Why Choose Gubra for profiling your drug candidate?
  • Expert scientific guidance in drug efficacy studies
  • Full-service CRO with a wide range of translational disease models
  • Individually tailored study design to meet your research objectives
  • AI-assisted endpoint quantification for accurate and conclusive data
  • Pharmacology, biomarkers, histology and whole-kidney 3D imaging
Preclinical Kidney Disease Models

Consult with Michael Christensen

Principal Scientist, Scientific Sales

Get expert advice on choosing the right model for your project.

Discover Our Extensive Range of Models for Kidney Disease Research

Discover our advanced rodent models of various kidney diseases. We employ industry-standard and state-of-the-art models to address therapeutic effects of your specific drug treatment concept. We ensure translatability by comprehensive model validation and incorporating clinical endpoints. Ready to delve deeper?

Main study offerings
preclinical kidney disease models

Glomerular filtration rate

preclinical kidney disease models

fibrosis scoring

preclinical kidney disease models

Quantitative 3D whole kidney imaging

preclinical kidney disease models

Plasma & urine markers

preclinical kidney disease models

AI-assisted glomerulosclerosis scoring

preclinical kidney disease models

Surgical expertise
& know-how

Profile your preclinical drug candidate

Preclinical Models of Diabetic Kidney Disease (DKD)

Profile your preclinical drug candidate

Preclinical Models of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)

Discover other kidney disease models at Gubra

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