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Gubra’s sustainability mission is to take action and inspire others in the fight against the climate and biodiversity crisis. As part of our striving for carbon negativity and nature positivity, we have planted 367,000+ trees and converted 150 Ha of farmland into a mosaic of nature and forests. We will accelerate our green investments in 2023 through our newly established subsidiary Gubra Green.

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Head of CSR

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new approach to Sustainability

Reporting on Sustainability

Gubra’s sustainability reports are mainly focused on environmental achievements and what we do to take action in the fight against the climate and biodiversity crisis. The social and governance related key numbers for 2022 are found in our Annual Report. In our sustainability reports we are reporting on five Sustainability Indicators: SDG investment, SDG donation, Climate, Socioeconomics and Future-fitness.  

Gubra Sustainability Report 2022

Gubra Sustainability Reports 2019-2021

Key Sustainability Guidelines


Investing 10% of
our pre-tax profit

Commitment to invest 10% of our pre-tax profit in environmental activities every year through our subsidiary Gubra Green.


carbon negative

Carbon negativity implies absorbing more CO2 than we are emitting. We do this by stimulating projects aiming at reducing our carbon emissions, planting trees, and when necessary, buying carbon offsets.


nature positive

Our contribution to reversing the decline in biodiversity so that species and ecosystems begin to recover. We do this by e.g. converting farmland into a mosaic of nature and forests.


Inspire & engage

Inspiring and engaging politicians and other companies to fight for a more sustainable world.


Order in
our own house

Providing a healthy and non-discriminatory work environment, insisting on proper waste management, and support and encourage our suppliers to live up to environmental and social standards.


Will our commitment inspire others to join?

We believe the key to limiting global warming and biodiversity loss is action at all levels, and we are excited for further accelerating our green investments with tangible activities. We believe our commitment will inspire others to join the fight against the climate and biodiversity crisis.

tangible efforts for sustainability

Gubra Green

Every year, 10% of our pre-tax profit will be transferred to Gubra’s subsidiary Gubra Green. It has been established with a mandate to make passive investments in areas such as reforestation and biodiversity, Greentech, circular economy, and regenerative businesses. Also renewable energies will be a priority.

Key Sustainability Pojects

Langeland Project
In 2019-2021 Gubra bought 150 hectares of conventional farmland on Langeland. During 2020-2022 we have transformed the areas into a mosaic of biodiversity-enhancing nature and CO2-absorbing forest. We have planted 367,000+ trees and shrubs, established 9 new waterholes and laid out 50 hectares of open meadows and grassland. Today, Gubra still owns 69 hectares, and we are looking into what our next green investment will be.
Certified bike-friendly workplace

At Gubra, we have reduced our CO2 in relation to commuting to and from work by facilitating and supporting bike rides, use of public transportation, car-sharing and charging stands for all our employees driving electric cars. In 2020, we were certified bicycle-friendly workplace with highest distinction (GOLD) for our favourable environments for cyclists, such as bike parking, bathing facilities and internal bike events.

Sustainable Work Environment
All Gubra employees enjoy locally-produced organic lunch, fresh fruits and coffee every day. We also get together and round off the week with talks and a filling homemade breakfast every Friday. We are surrounded by nature – where we bike, have lunch, talk, exercise and practice yoga.

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