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A year of solid financial growth, scientific breakthroughs, and strong green commitment

Hørsholm, Denmark 15 May 2020

In 2019 Gubra maintains strong financial growth based on solid results in both the biotech business and the CRO business. Gross profit increases 40% to 149M DKK in 2019. Pre-tax profits increase by 70% to 34.9M DKK.
New flagship models introduced within kidney and heart diseases and new partnership collaborations bode well for the scientific development.

To better match the strategic needs of the future, Gubra has announced changes in its top executive management team.
Gubra implements a radically new CSR strategy and suggests new standards for simple and comparable CSR reporting

Solid financial results and scientific breakthroughs in 2019

Gubra maintains a strong financial growth in 2019. The achievement of several milestone payments from ongoing partnerships in the biotech business and a constant flow of studies in the CRO business both contribute to the annual results. Gross profit increases by 40% to 149M DKK in 2019, and profit before tax increases by 70% to 34.9M DKK

The close collaboration with trusted partner Boehringer Ingelheim (BI) reached new heights in 2019 when Gubra and BI announced a new partnership deal to develop anti-obesity peptide poly-agonists (29 May) and the nomination of a co-invented clinical candidate from the first obesity collaboration (28 June).
In 2019, Gubra has made new investments in the kidney and heart disease areas with the aim of expanding our offerings within both these fields. The investments have paid off in terms of new kidney and heart flagship models that are already starting to gain good interest within the scientific community.

Changes in management team
Based on differences in opinion on the strategic direction of the internal research, changes in the company’s management team were implemented in February 2020. By mutual agreement, Gubra departed with Chief Scientific Officer Keld Fosgerau. Subsequently, the company’s research and development activities are powered by an internal scientific steering group. Also, by mutual agreement Chief Technology Officer Morten Høgholm Petersen resigned from his position. Currently there are no plans to reoccupy the CSO and CTO positions.

Meanwhile, Trine Nygaard Hamann stepped into Gubra’s top executive management team in the role of Chief Business Officer. Trine advances from a position as Head of Business Development, Marketing, Communication and CSR which she has held with great success for three years. Going forward, she will also be responsible for leading the business aspects of the biotech business.

“Trine’s promotion and membership of the executive leadership team is a natural consequence of her great personality and compelling results. We are proud to have her on the team,” says CEO Henrik Blou.

In support of simple and comparable CSR reporting

Gubra formulates a new CSR policy and releases its first CSR report in which it sets a new standard for simple and comparable CSR reporting. By this report, Gubra strives to prove that it is possible to design a short and informative CSR report that not only draws a truthful picture of the company’s CSR commitment, but also enables readers to compare companies’ CSR activities and engagement. In 2019, Gubra has transferred 3,970,753 DKK to Gubra´s Green Pool for environmental activities that support the climate and increased biodiversity.
Visit our CSR pages to read more and to download Gubra CSR report 2019




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