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Expert in Metabolic Dysfunction-associated Steatohepatitis

Industry-leading translational models of

  • Upcoming : International Liver Cancer Association (ILCA)
  • September 7-9, 2023

Gubra’s flagship model GAN DIO-NASH (GAN DIO-MASH) is top-ranked by LITMUS consortium for its human proximity score and clinical translatability. Explore our model portfolio and latest findings to ensure a successful preclinical study.

Preclinical studies in MASH (NASH)

Latest posters

Gubra is attending International Liver Cancer Association (ILCA) on September 7-9, 2023. We will discuss the efficacy of semaglutide and lanifibranor in our GAN DIO-NASH-HCC (GAN DIO-MASH-HCC) model. See you at the event!

Upcoming Events

Gubra is an industry leader in the MASH (NASH) field for its clinically translatable model portfolio and scientific expertise. Book a meeting with us to learn more.

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  • International Liver Cancer Association (ILCA)
    Amsterdam, The Netherlands|September 7-9, 2023
  • AASLD - The Liver Meeting
    Boston,USA|21-10-14 November, 2023

International Liver Cancer Association (ILCA)

We will be attending the event to discuss the efficacy of semaglutide and lanifibranor in our DIO-MASH-HCC (DIO-NASH-HCC) model. Book a meeting with our experts to learn more.

AASLD – The Liver Meeting

We will be presenting several posters that cover our DIO-NASH-HCC model’s flow, CDAA-HFD model’s benchmarking, as well as the clinical translatability of our GAN DIO-NASH model and AI assisted histopathological scoring technique, GHOST. Book a meeting with our experts to learn more.

Standard Study Outlines

We are experts in bridging preclinical and clinical development.

Vice President, Scientific Sales

Michael’s primary focus is on MASH (NASH), MASH-HCC (NASH-HCC), IPF and IBD. Michael provides customers with scientific expertise in metabolic and fibrotic diseases, and knowhow for the preclinical evaluation of drug candidates from discovery to IND-enabling.

Let’s meet at the EASL 2023

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