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Very strong performance in 2023 and ahead of expectations

In 2023, we increased our revenue by 29% in our CRO service business. This is a company record. In Discovery & Partnerships, we also made significant advances last year. We signed two new partnerships with Hemab and Boehringer Ingelheim. We upgraded our AI based peptide drug discovery platform streaMLine opening up new opportunities for us; and we took an important step forward as a company when we dosed the first human in a Phase 1 clinical trial with our internal developed amylin agonist (GUBamy) for the treatment of obesity.

Highly Specialized Preclinical Solutions

CRO Services

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Liver (MASH)

Explore our industry-leading preclinical MASH model portfolio. Our GAN DIO-MASH mouse model is ranked #1 by the LITMUS consortium for human translatability. Profile your drug candidate in our biopsy-confirmed mouse models of MASH, using clinical endpoints and AI-assisted histological analyses.

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We have more than 15 years experience within preclinical obesity studies to help progress your drug candidate. We provide off-the-shelf diet-induced obese (DIO) rodent models for profiling the efficacy and mode of action of your compound on endpoints ranging from food intake over energy expenditure to whole-brain activation signatures.

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Kidney (CKD/DKD)

Progress your drug discovery with Gubra’s broad portfolio of mouse models recapitulating acute and chronic kidney diseases. Our ReninAAV hypertension-accelerated diabetic kidney disease (DKD) mouse is one of the most advanced models available for profiling drug candidates with therapeutic potential in DKD.

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Gubra’s unique 3D light sheet imaging platform can visualize drug distribution, map drug targets and quantify therapeutic responses in the intact brain at single cell resolution. Our fully automated light sheet imaging pipeline accommodates up to 100 brains per study with a fast turn-around time of 2.5 months. Get instant access to your imaging data in our interactive atlas-guided 3D brain-viewer.

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Lung (IPF)

We provide end-to-end customized studies in our spirometry-confirmed and bleomycin-induced mouse models of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF). Accelerate your drug candidate by exploring pivotal lung functional endpoints in combination with AI-assisted histopathological scoring and quantitative histology.

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Heart (CVD)

Gubra offers hypertension-induced heart failure models as well as industry-standard models for atherosclerosis. State-of-the-art echocardiography as well as quantitative whole-heart 3D histology are standard analyses in our mouse models of cardiovascular diseases.

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Intestine (IBD)

Our chronic DSS-IBD mouse is a state-of-the-art model of colitis with histopathological hallmarks of progressive fibrosis. We provide customized study designs to probe drug candidates for prophylactic and therapeutic effects on immune and fibrosis histological endpoints.

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We are experts in preclinical diabetes research, and offer customized studies in canonical rodent models of type 2 and type 1 diabetes to guide development of your anti-diabetic compound. Study data provided by our multidisciplinary teams can inform about efficacy on metabolic and glycemic endpoints as well as whole-pancreas islet and β-cell numbers for interpreting mode of action.

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3D imaging

Gubra’s light-sheet microscopy platform allows for 3D imaging of all organs in the mouse and rat. Our fully automated imaging pipeline works seamlessly in combination with our in vivo models and in-house developed AI-driven image analysis to ensure precision-mapping of drug distribution and quantification of histological endpoints.

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High-quality histology is essential in preclinical drug development and can inform about drug mode of action. We offer routine and advanced histology services, including core histology, multiplex immunohistochemistry and RNAScope® as well unbiased stereology analysis for best-practice whole-sample quantitative histology.

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We offer a full palette of advanced sequencing technologies, including bulk RNAseq, single-nucleus RNAseq, spatial transcriptomics and ATACseq. We accept most types of tissues, including fresh frozen or archival samples (FFPE). Trust Gubra for fast turnaround and expert bioinformatics. Get instant access to your data in GubraView, our interactive data viewer.

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Non-rodent studies

Advance your preclinical drug candidate by performing PK and gut microbiome studies in minipigs, a non-rodent model of choice in late-stage preclinical drug development programs.

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target and peptide drug discovery

Discovery & Partnerships

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Drug Discovery

Gubra has a long history of successful peptide drug discovery. Our AI-driven streaMLine platform quickly develops a peptide hit into a clinical ready drug candidate with balanced properties and strong IP protection. We do linear peptides, cyclic peptides, disulfide-rich peptides (DRP), peptide drug-conjugates and more.

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Target Discovery

Navigate multifactorial diseases and transform your data into target discovery with us. Gubra empowers scientific ingenuity with fitting AI-assisted tools and high-quality data to unveil drug potential. Our pipeline ensures a rapid transition from target identification, target qualification and in vivo target validation.

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Gubra is known as a professional and scientific strong collaboration partner, and we have several successful partnerships ongoing. Our agile and data-driven approach to project management is valued by our partners and is key to our success and speed. Partnerships are important to us, and we always look for new collaboration opportunities.

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Science with purpose

About us

CRO & Biotech Company

Gubra is specialized in high-end preclinical contract research and peptide-based drug discovery within metabolic and fibrotic diseases. The combination of our advanced, high-end models and technologies ensures rapid turnaround time and high quality data.

About us


Workplace full of opportunities

We offer an exciting and challenging work environment, where job satisfaction and personal development are top priorities. Together, we are scientific entrepreneurs. Explore our open positions if you would like to join the Gubra team.

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We act responsibly


Our commitment

At Gubra, sustainability and business go hand in hand. We have committed ourselves to invest 10% of our pre-tax profit in green initiatives which is our most impactful contribution to a sustainable future.

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Sustainability in action

Explore Gubra’s commitment towards a more sustainable and biodiverse world. Together, we can make a difference, one action at a time.

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