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About Gubra

Founded in 2008, we are a privately-held biotech company with two primary areas of business: Pre-clinical contract research (CRO) services and proprietary early target and drug discovery programs.

Our focus is the metabolic space (obesity, diabetes, NASH and diabetic complications) where we specialize in in vivo pharmacology, peptide chemistry, molecular pharmacology, histology, 3D imaging, stereology, NGS (next generation sequencing), bioinformatics and ex vivo assays.

We work with some of the most interesting and loyal partners and customers from across the world within big pharma, biotech and academia. Through a constant focus on high quality, scientific excellence, speed and solid teamwork, we have established ourselves as a highly professional and competent partner in the market.

Gubra is an abbreviation for GUt and BRAin, the original key focus areas of our research and expertise.

Meet our founders

Niels Vrang 

Chairman of the Board. Niels has a long career in basic research on homeostatic mechanisms focusing on circadian rhythms, food intake, diabetes and metabolism. He has published more than 100 full research papers covering these topics. Niels has co-founded two peptide and CRO focused companies, including Gubra. He has spent most of his professional career deeply involved in building an innovative target and drug discovery environment while at the same time maintaining high quality deliveries to big and small pharma partners.

Jacob Jelsing

Vice President of the Board. Jacob has spent the past 15 years actively engaged in basic research with a primary expertise in the development of quantitative research methods and anatomical changes related to neurodegenerative disorders, obesity and type II diabetes. As a co-founder of Gubra, he has advanced and expanded his expertise to cover several aspects of preclinical research and has been heading several target discovery projects in the gut and brain. Jacob has published more than 70 full research papers covering these topics.

Our business

Gubra CRO Services

We are specialized in preclinical contract research services enabling pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to make fast and solid data based decisions moving projects forward. Our services include preclinical studies in a wide variety of rodent models, which can be adapted according to the specific scientific question in focus. We have a very high availably of animals, which means we can start your study with short notice.

We maintain a constant focus on providing solid data as well as completing projects on time, within budget and according to the highest scientific standards.


Read more about our CRO Services:

Gubra Partner Programs

Having engaged in a number of large partner programs, we have profound scientific capabilities and experience leading both target and drug discovery programs within Diabetes, Obesity, NASH and Gastrointestinal diseases.

Besides offering all necessary disciplines in-house (from molecular and in vivo pharmacology to peptide chemistry), we have professional project managers leading our partner programs. Projects are managed to meet deadlines and stay within budget while never compromising our high-quality outputs.


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Quality Assurance

At Gubra, we are committed to high quality deliverables. Through the strength of our quality systems and processes, from administration and study conduction to data management and reporting, we provide structured, professional and experienced services.

All critical processes are governed by Standard Operating Procedures that along with quality control documentation are controlled by our Quality Assurance Group. Consistent training and evaluation processes throughout the organization ensure Gubra’s dynamic and evolving Quality Assurance System.

Crédit d’impôt rescherche (CIR)

Gubra have obtained a CIR accreditation from the French Ministry, meaning that we are now recognized as an innovative research provider for companies in France. Our accreditation is valid through to and including 2023 and our French customers can therefore claim a tax relief on their outsourced R&D expenditures. Please follow this link for further information.

Make use of the CIR accreditation with Gubra as your next CRO partner. Don’t hesitate to reach out and let us discuss how we can help progress your next study.


Gubra has been approved as a recognized research organization by the Norwegian Research Council (Forskningsrådet). This means that our Norwegian customers can make use of SkatteFUNN Tax Incentive Scheme for their upcoming R&D expenditures. Our accreditation is valid for 3 years, 2019, 2020, and 2021 – to read more about the potential advantages of this accreditation, please follow this link.

Make use of the SkatteFUNN Tax Incentive Scheme with Gubra as your next CRO partner. Don’t hesitate to reach out and let us discuss how we can help progress your next study.

AAALAC acreditation

Gubra has earned the AAALAC accreditation, demonstrating our commitment to responsible animal care and use. AAALAC International is a nonprofit organization that promotes the humane treatment of animals in science through voluntary accreditation and assessment programs. Our accreditation is valid for three years, incl. 2023. Read more about the AAALAC acreditation programme here.

Animal welfare

Gubra’s state-of-the-art animal facilities are staffed by skilled animal technicians and veterinarians providing professional handling and close monitoring of all research animals.

Gubra is dedicated to ensuring optimal animal welfare and all studies are licensed by the Danish Animal Experimentation Inspectorate and conducted in accordance with the Danish Animal Experimentation Act (BEK nr 2028 af 14/12/2020), which is stricter and therefore fully compliant with the European directive (2010/63/EU) and internationally accepted principles for the care and use of laboratory animals.

Gubra applies the 3R principles (replacement, reduction and refinement) to all animal studies. We believe that laboratory animal welfare is an ethical responsibility that encompasses all aspects of animal well-being, including proper housing, clinical and behavioral management, nutrition, disease management and treatment.