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More than 500 DIO mice ready to be enrolled in studies every month

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Gubra has 15+ years of experience with DIO animals, successfully profiling numerous anti-obesity drug candidates. Our capabilities spam from chronic efficacy studies focused on body weight, composition and specific muscle assessments, real-time food intake, energy expenditure and locomotr activity, 3D imaging analysis of c-Fos activation.

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Download the posters and explore how we can help accelerate your drug development with a solid portfolio of preclinical obesity models and latest technology.

Standard Obesity & Diabetes Study Outline

We are experts in bridging preclinical and clinical development.

MARCO TOZZI Senior Scientist

Marco has a background in in vivo physiology, focused on preclinical obesity and diabetes research. With his experience and expertise, he can provide valuable scientific guidance in the design and execution of obesity/diabetes studies, as well as in profiling anti-obesity/diabetes drugs.

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