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Gubra ApS and Silence Therapeutics plc collaborate to develop RNAi therapies against novel liver-directed targets from Gubra’s streaMLine platform

HØRSHOLM, Denmark – 10 February, 2022

  • Gubra ApS announced today a new research collaboration with Silence Therapeutics PLC to develop novel RNAi therapeutics for liver diseases with an unmet medical need.
  • The collaboration aims to explore selected liver-directed targets identified by Gubra’s proprietary, machine-learning powered target and drug discovery platform streaMLine.
  • Silence Therapeutics will use their mRNAi GOLD™ platform to develop RNAi therapeutics to be evaluated in Gubra’s GAN DIO-NASH mouse model.

Today, Gubra announced the signing of a research collaboration with Silence Therapeutics. The collaboration will explore the potential of RNAi therapy against selected novel liver-directed targets (undisclosed). The novel targets have been identified using Gubra’s machine-learning powered target and drug discovery platform – streaMLine. The streaMLine platform uses a sophisticated, data-driven algorithm to identify disease driving targets, while also balancing other key parameters such as clinical translatability, drugability, and safety. Together with Gubra’s golden standard DIO-NASH mouse model platform, this enables a fast and smooth process from target discovery to drug development, and the collaboration has potential to quickly bring forward several first-in-class clinical candidates.

The joint research program between Gubra and Silence Therapeutics aims at evaluating novel RNAi therapeutics for the future treatment of patients with liver diseases. The collaboration combines Gubra’s unique target discovery platform and industry leading GAN DIO-NASH mouse model with Silence Therapeutics’ expertise in development of innovative RNAi medicines.

“We are very pleased to enter this research collaboration with Silence Therapeutics,” said Henrik Blou, CEO of Gubra. “We have used streaMLine, our proprietary machine learning-based target and drug discovery platform, to identify these novel targets. We are very pleased that the potential of our streaMLine platform again is being recognized by a leading player in the industry. Reducing time, risk and cost – from a novel target has been discovered to a new drug can enter the market – is absolutely key, and we believe this is exactly what the streaMLine platform can do.”

The financial terms of the agreement are not disclosed.

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