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Drug candidate from obesity collaboration between Gubra and Boehringer Ingelheim enters clinical phase 1 trial

HØRSHOLM, Denmark – 12 August, 2021

  • Recently, the first healthy volunteer was dosed with GUB002496 in a clinical phase 1 trial.
  • GUB002496 is a drug candidate aiming for weight reduction.
  • The advancement of the first of three collaboration projects between Boehringer Ingelheim and Gubra to the clinic marks the achievement of another key milestone.
  • From this collaboration Gubra may receive up to € 250 million in combined upfront and success-based development and commercialization milestones plus staggered up to double-digit royalties on worldwide net sales.

Since 2017, Gubra has signed three collaboration and license agreements with Boehringer Ingelheim for the development of novel peptide compounds to treat obesity. The lead candidate from the first of these collaborations, GUB002496, recently advanced into clinical development with the initiation of a clinical phase 1 trial in healthy volunteers. It is a novel peptide with an attractive pharmaceutical profile, which is able to regulate food intake and body weight in pre-clinical models.

This initiation of clinical development triggers another milestone payment. Gubra may receive up to € 250 million in combined upfront and success-based development and commercialization milestones plus staggered up to double-digit royalties on worldwide net sales from this collaboration.

Compounds that can regulate food intake
The aim of the joint research and development program, signed September 2017, is to identify novel peptidic compounds which can regulate food intake.

CEO of Gubra Henrik Blou says:

“It is a huge pleasure to see this project continue into the clinic. Over the years, Gubra has built strong peptide capabilities, lately demonstrated by the development of our new proprietary peptide platform, streaMLine. Our specialization and dedication enable us to play a key role in peptide drug discovery projects together with strong partners. I expect to see more of our peptides entering the clinic in the years to come, both within obesity and a range of other indications.”

Obesity – a rising global health problem, hard to ignore
The global prevalence of obesity (BMI ≥30 kg/m2) has increased dramatically over the last decade and nearly tripled between 1975 and 2016 affecting around 650 million adults worldwide today. [i] Current treatment options have limited efficacy in terms of weight loss or are often associated with adverse events. Consequently, there is an unmet medical need for safe and effective treatments to achieve significant weight loss and increase life expectancy for the growing number of patients living with obesity worldwide.


Henrik Blou, CEO
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About Gubra

Founded in 2008, Gubra is a privately held biotech company located in Denmark delivering scientific counselling, contract research services, and projects for co-development in four main focus areas: Obesity, diabetes, NASH and diabetic complications. Gubra experts cover a number of pre-clinical disciplines: in vivo pharmacology, peptide chemistry, molecular pharmacology, histology, 3D imaging, stereology, NGS (next generation sequencing), bioinformatics and ex vivo assays. Gubra has a hybrid business model with a pipeline of early target and drug discovery programs aimed for partnering while also delivering preclinical services to customers by combining cutting-edge technology with our accumulated experience and proven methodology. Gubra is an abbreviation for GUt and BRAin, the original key focus areas of research and expertise. For more information, please visit our website at



[i] World Health Organization. (2020). “Obesity and overweight.” Retrieved from:,kills%20more%20people%20than%20underweight