HØRSHOLM, Denmark – May 26, 2020

Gubra sets a new standard for simple and comparable CSR reporting. In the company’s first CSR Report for 2019, Gubra proves that it is possible to design a short and informative CSR report that not only draws a truthful picture of the company’s CSR commitment but also enables lay persons and professionals to compare CSR reports from different companies.

“We believe that CSR around the world is crowded with good intentions and fairy tale stories. It is an industry characterized by highly specialised consultants writing thick CSR report with long complex calculations and feel-good stories,” says Co-founder Niels Vrang.

“At Gubra, we question this approach. By use of available free CSR measurement tools online and our own critical thinking, we came up with five comparable CSR indicators: The Climate Indicator, the Socioeconomic Indicator, indicators for SDG donations and SDG investments, and the Future-Fit indicator. These five indicators are easy to calculate for all companies and enable comparison of CSR commitments across companies irrespective of size. We need a simple and comparable CSR reporting, if CSR is to work and make a difference. We now hope to inspire others to try out our approach,” says Henrik Blou.

10 percent of pre-tax profit designated green activities
In addition to reducing emissions, Gubra has decided to donate 10 percent of our pre-tax profit to green activities. Gubra also pays an internal tax on all air travel balancing all flight expenses dollar to dollar. The flight tax and the 10-percent funds are transferred to Gubra’s Green Pool designated green initiatives that support the climate and biodiversity.

In 2019, Gubra has transferred 3,970,753 DKK to Gubra’s Green Pool.

Read the full report: Gubra CSR Report 2019

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Henrik Blou, CEO
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