Target discovery

Data driven approach to
target discovery

Discovery of new therapeutic targets is essential to the development of new medicine. The identification of key disease-modifying targets lays the foundation for any successful drug discovery.

Our streaMLine preDict platform has a scientific and data driven approach and is designed to identify novel targets that are drugable, clinically efficacious and safe.

Our in-house capabilities enable rapid validation of targets in clinical translatable in vivo models.


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Target discovery offerings

All capabilities in-house
  • Cross-disciplinary teams ensure efficient study conduction.
  • Efficient and smooth data-transfer.
Database - preclinical and clinical samples
  • Rodent – and human data compiled in one searchable format.
  • Opportunity to combine/merge with own or publicly available data.
Advanced Computational Biology
  • Customised biological focus and data filtration.
  • Easily accessible platform for data handling and visualisation.
Validation in clinically translatable in vivo models
  • Large array of rodent disease models.
  • Access to sophisticated surgical techniques.
  • Real-time monitoring of individual animals.
  • In-house facilities ensuring rapid execution.
Agile project management
  • Experienced project managers with target discovery expertise.
  • PhD research scientist with in-depth knowledge on disease aetiology.
  • Focus on lean experimental setup for your scientific question.

streaMLine for target identification and validation

Our target discovery platform, streaMLine preDict, combines vast amounts of preclinical data to identify novel druggable targets. We apply advanced analytical methods such as RNAseq, scRNAseq, AI assisted histopathology and various biochemical assays on samples from Gubra´s industry golden standard rodent disease models.

Our preDict algorithm identifies and ranks targets based on unique in-house developed algorithms. Evaluation of clinical data is included to ensure human translatability of targets.


Learn more about Gubra’s discovery platform streaMLine

Explore some of our target discovery projects

See examples on how accumulated data from hundreds of preclinical and clinical samples are used to preDict future drug targets.


  • Obesity target list identified across 1700 brain samples in Gubra DIO rats
  • Novel food intake regulating hotspots identify by global cFos patterns
  • Target engagement visualized by 3D imaging


  • NASH database with more than 600 preclinical and clinical NASH samples
  • Advanced identification of novel NASH targets by our proprietary streaMLine – preDict algorithm
  • Fast in vivo validation of novel targets in our clinically translatable rodent NASH models

Why choose Gubra?

  • Proven track record with identification of new disease targets and new peptide drugs. The most advanced are currently in clinical development with pharma partner.
  • All projects are led by professional project leaders with strong scientific backgrounds and project management experience.
  • All data are generated in-house to ensure high data quality, integrity, speed and flexibility.
  • Our in-house in vivo facility is AAALAC accreditated.

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