Mode of action studies

We have been involved in unraveling the central mechanisms underlying the weight lowering effects of GLP-1 analogues. This has involved numerous high-end mechanistic studies, including vagal deafferentation and area postrema lesion studies, as well as in situ hybridization studies examining gene expression changes in hypothalamic areas. A lot of these studies were published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation.

Read article: The arcuate nucleus mediates GLP-1 receptor agonist liraglutide-dependent weight loss.


Metabolic Cages and Energy expenditure system

Calorimetry System for rats and mice can be used for assessment of Respiratory Exchange Ratio (RER) and Energy Expenditure.

Selective vagal deafferentation

We perform advanced surgery to assess the MoA of your compound. Principles of selective vagal deafferentation (SDA) with functional validation demonstrating loss of CCK induced anorexia in SDA rats. Since the procedure spares the efferent innervation of the gut, gut motility is not compromised.

Selective vagal deafferentation

The effect of CKK on food intake

Bariatric surgery – powerful effects on body weight and diabetes remission

We have experience with bariatric surgeries like vertical sleeve and Roux-en-Y gastric bypass in rats and mice.

Body weight in DIO rats