streaMLine discovery platform

Machine Learning powered peptide target and drug discovery

Our streaMLine platform covers the full spectrum from generation of data to target identification and lead compound generation. The platform enables pioneering identification of new targets and evaluation of existing ones as well as rapid discovery of novel peptides against new or established targets.

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Several novel targets have already been identified using our preDict platform. Our peptide drug discovery platform conClude delivers unprecedented rapid and unbiased synthesis and characterization of complex peptides.

Learn how our flexible AI/ML platform can support your target or drug discovery objectives.

Unlocking the potential of peptides through Machine Learning

Medicinal chemists and data scientists at Gubra have joined forces to develop a flexible pipeline for systematic and unbiased screening and development of novel peptide drugs. The platform relies on integrated state-of-the-art laboratory facilities for high-throughput data generation and Machine Learning algorithms trained to recognize drug hallmarks. The streaMLine conClude platform can optimize any peptide for early development.

Watch this video to learn about the principles behind the streaMLine conClude platform.

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