Gubra Obesity partner programs

Obesity program #1: CNS target identification
Despite the wide range of available drugs on the market, Gastric Bypass surgery is still the most efficient treatment of morbid obesity. Novel obesity targets with low risk profiles and sustained effects are in high demand. In our efforts to identify novel and powerful targets within the obesity field, this program focuses on:

  • Collection of RNA transcriptomics datasets of discrete brain regions from in house rodent studies
  • Comprehensive bioinformatic toolbox
  • Clear criteria based strategy for target selection
  • Histological and Laser Capture Microdissection expertise

Obesity program #2: Boehringer Ingelheim collaboration
Together with Boehringer Ingelheim, we are searching for novel peptide compounds to treat obesity. The joint research and development program aims to identify novel peptidic compounds, which are able to regulate food intake. It complements other ongoing Boehringer Ingelheim research and development programs, including the dual acting glucagon/GLP-1 agonist and the long-acting amylin analog development programs.

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Other obesity programs
We have several ongoing obesity projects with different targets aiming at closing the efficacy gap seen from currently approved anti-obesity therapeutics and the Gastric Bypass procedures. We see a potential in safe peptide combinations for improved efficacy without side-effects. These efforts take advantage of our peptide capabilities including rational design of novel anti-obesity peptides for improved physical-chemical properties and relevant half-life extension principles reaching into once daily, weekly and monthly injections.

We have several years of experience driving partner programs together with world leading companies. We engage in both target discovery and drug development collaborations. All necessary disciplines are in-house (in vivo pharmacology, histology, peptide synthesis, assay development, RNA sequencing or bioinformatics etc.) enabling short discovery and development loops and rapid project progress.

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“When it comes to working with Gubra, I highly appreciate the strong scientific involvement and curiosity that permeates our collaborations. I cannot ask for a stronger partner in our human physiology and clinical research projects.”

Filip Knop
MD, PhD, Director of Center for Diabetes Research | Gentofte Hospital, University of Copenhagen