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Diabetic complications.

Diabetes partner programs

Gubra diabateic complications partner programs

Diabetes is a disease where a broad range of medicines are now available, and in recent years means of achieving a good glycemic control has improved. However, there is still a need for novel therapeutics with an added benefit to patients in focus areas such as diabetic complications, convenience, cardiovascular effects and risk of hypoglycemia.

Taking advantage of Gubra peptide and chemistry capabilities, we have ongoing project efforts aiming at a high level of innovation. These approaches involve concepts such as dual acting peptides, smart insulins, and multiple pharmacology target profiles.

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“When it comes to working with Gubra, I highly appreciate the strong scientific involvement and curiosity that permeates our collaborations. I cannot ask for a stronger partner in our human physiology and clinical research projects.”

Filip Knop
MD, PhD, Director of Center for Diabetes Research | Gentofte Hospital, University of Copenhagen


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