Get a clear understanding of how compounds impact the metabolism with our in vivo expertise ranging from acute testing in mice and rats to chronic studies.

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Improve the quality of your study endpoints by using histological and stereological analyses.

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Let us transform complex big data into clear overviews enabling rapid decision making.

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Tap into our vast experience with plasma and tissue biochemical, immuno-assays as well as model knowledge ensuring reproducible pre-clinical assay data packages.

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Get access to our robust cellular assays for in vitro pharmacology and functional drug testing.

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Benefit from our vast synthesis experience where we master a wide variety of chemistries as well as State-of-the-art solid-phase peptide methodologies.

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“Gubra is a highly competent partner in execution of – also more complicated – preclinical studies. The long term experience and the deep scientific competence of Gubra partners adds value to the studies and is a guaranty for trustworthy results.“

Dr. Michael Mark
Vice President | Boehringer Ingelheim

NASH review

Review of preclinical models of NASH discussing the advantages and limitations of current in vivo mouse models used in drug discovery for NASH.
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Press Release

Find out more about the partner program between Boeringer Ingelheim Pharma and Gubra.

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