Digital Brain Maps and Virtual Neuroscience: An Emerging Role for Light-Sheet Fluorescence Microscopy in Drug Development

Virtual 3D whole-brain maps are recorded using light-sheet florescence microscopy (LSFM) and mapped into an average reference brain. As a result all maps registered to the same reference brain can be compared and overlapped with each other. This will allow researchers to share and compare data from different experiments or overlay gene expression data with neuronal activity or connectivity maps.

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All kind of maps can be compared in NeuroPedia and GubraView

Study drug effects in whole mouse brains

As part of the CRO services offered by Gubra, whole brain imaging is used to study drug effects or drug distribution. The resulting maps are compatible with maps in NeuroPedia.

An open access database

NeuroPedia is an open access database where researchers in academia and industry can contribute transgenic expression maps or connectivity maps for free.

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