HØRSHOLM, Denmark – March 9, 2020

It’s official! Gubra is sponsor of this year’s Danish bike campaign BIKE TO WORK 

BIKE TO WORK (VI CYKLER TIL ARBEJDE) is Denmark’s big national bike event. Due to corona-virus/COVID-19 this year’s bike event is moved to September

However, normally each year during the month of May, thousands of Danes jump to their bicycles and bike to work. Last year 60,000 employees from 2,000 companies participated across the country.

The collaboration between Gubra and VCTA (Danish acronym for WE BIKE TO WORK/VI CYKLER TIL ARBEJDE) has made it possible to extend the campaign with a Winter-Bike-to-Work Week. This will run in January 2021 and will be free to all participants in the May campaign.

Co-founder of Gubra, Jacob Jelsing, says:

Being part of BIKE TO WORK is a big thing to us. We develop new drugs in obesity-related diseases, but we realize that preventive health initiatives is a much better solution. In addition, we are a very climate focused company who wants to play an active role in the fight for a more sustainable world. Thus, the more people choose the bike, the better for all of us, says Jacob Jelsing.

Now it’s all about getting prepared for May and the upcoming biking season. A small task force at Gubra is currently looking at various ideas to help motivate colleagues to join the campaign and choose the bike – if only for one day.

This year at Gubra, we are extra excited about BIKE TO WORK.


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