Peptide drug discovery

We help bring your drug idea
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Based on machine learning, we have invented streaMLine conClude, a systematic approach to peptide drug discovery. The discovery platform enables us to deliver unprecedented rapid and unbiased synthesis and characterization of complex peptides – up to 3000 peptides per month.

To complement this vast amount of data, our computational biologists swiftly uncover hidden patterns and identify key peptides which are characterized thoroughly in our in vivo facilities.

We can take your candidate all the way to safety and preclinical testing.


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Gubra drug discovery offerings

Peptide design and synthesis
  • Unbiased – as well as rationally driven peptide design
  • Unprecedented rapid peptide synthesis – up to 3000 peptides/month
Receptor screening
  • High throughput screening in 384-well format
  • Fast turn-around, testing multiple receptors a week
  • Custom-made cells lines on request
Solubility and stability screening
  • UPLC-based solubility testing
  • High throughput ThT and DLS assays for physical stability
  • UPLC- and SEC-based chemical stability assays
  • PK & PD characterization
      • Rodent PK analysis
      • Efficacy studies in relevant models

    View relevant disease models

    Validation in clinical translatable in vivo models
    • Large array of rodent disease models
    • Access to sophisticated surgical techniques
    • Real-time monitoring of individual animals
    • In-house facilities allowing rapid execution
    • AAALAC accredited in vivo facility
    • 3D-imaging, scRNAseq, and AI-based histology algorithms

    Whole organ 3D imaging

    Sequencing and bioinformatics

    AI-assisted NASH histopathology



    Gubra pipeline

    We have a history of successful partnerships. Here you can view our exciting portfolio of projects with high potential. We are always open to new partnerships.

    streaMLine conClude for drug discovery

    Based on Machine Learning, we have invented an unbiased and systematic approach, streaMLine conClude, to peptide drug discovery. The unique approach has already led to several discoveries of novel peptide structures and functions.

    The discovery platform enables us to deliver unprecedented rapid and unbiased synthesis and characterization of complex peptides – up to 3000 lipidated (35-55mer) peptides per month.


    Learn more about Gubra’s discovery platform streaMLine

    Why choose Gubra?

    • Proven track record with identification of new disease targets and new peptide drugs. The most advanced are currently in clinical development with pharma partner.
    • All projects are led by professional project leaders with strong scientific backgrounds and project management experience.
    • All data are generated in-house to ensure high data quality, integrity, speed and flexibility.
    • Our in-house in vivo facility is AAALAC accreditated.

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