CSR at Gubra

10 percent of our pretax profit designated green activities

Corporate social responsibility requires more than just big ideas, it requires a firm financial commitment. Gubra is dedicated to donating 10 percent of our pretax profit to social and environmental activities every year. On top of this, we have also imposed an internal tax on air travel. Not a meagre few dollars per flight, but a 1 to 1 reimbursement of all Gubra flight expenses on carbon emission offset initiatives.

What to do? For a company like Gubra, focusing equally on all 17 SDGs is impossible. We need to narrow the scope. As a biotech company that helps to bring new medicines to patients, SDG 3 concerning health and well-being comes naturally to us. But what else? We have decided to focus mainly on SDGs 13, 14 and 15, because these goals relate to the most severe challenges we are currently facing – climate change and loss of biodiversity.

Our view on CSR and our four CSR guidelines

Most recent SDG donations

Photo: Nanna Thomsen

Gubra supports young ambitious movement in regenerative agriculture

October 2021: Gubra donates 220.000 DKK to a pilot project that intends to establish a new Regenerative Agricultural School. Regenerativt Landbrug (Association for Regenerative Agriculture) is initiated by ambitious young agricultural practitioners who work with diverse production with a focus on market gardening, polycultures and forestry. The donation ensures the upstart of a basic 1 year course for new trainees with teaching in healthy soil and ecosystems, vegetable growing, plant breeding, livestock farming and business management.

See course video: Den regenerative jordbrugsskole

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Gubra doubles donation to researcher-driven Danish climate council

August 2021: Gubra donates DKK 100,000 to the Danish climate council ‘Klima- og Omstillingsrådet’ (KOR). KOR is a researcher-driven network of committed climate researchers from across faculties. The council works to contribute to the Danish public climate debate from an informed and interdisciplinary perspective, balancing national economic and growth interests with global perspectives and principles towards and equal and sustainable future.

Gubra has previously donated DKK 50,000 to KOR. In light of the latest climate report from the UN Climate Panel – the IPCC report – Gubra doubles this amount.

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Gubra triples donation in support of important new Danish green student movement

August 2021: The Danish student movement ‘Den Grønne Studenterbevægelse’ is an important new movement which has managed to place the most important crises of our time – the climate and biodiversity crisis – on the Danish public agenda.

Gubra has previously donated DKK 100,000 to this movement. In the light of the latest climate report from the UN Climate Panel, the IPCC report, Gubra tripples this amount to DKK 300,000. This amount covers rent and interior design of the movement’s new premises.

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Gubra supports action for real Plastic Change

In February 2021, Gubra donates 500.000 DKK to Plastic Change. Almost half of the world’s plastics are used for consumer-oriented disposable packaging and short-lived disposable products. This has led to increasing plastic pollution, increased CO2 emissions and huge mountains of waste. Time has come to put and end to this troubling trend. Contrary to disposable use, there is recycling where products and packaging are washed and used over and over again. Plastic Change works to make politicians and the industry commit to reduced levels of plastic consumption by applying the recycling principle to a much higher degree in their design, production and packaging of products.

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Photo: Lisbeth Engbo

Large donation to new green agrigultural movement Andelsgaarde

In January 2021, Gubra donates 558.000 DKK to Andelsgaarde, the cooperative movement revolutionizing Danish agricultural landscape and regime with new sustainable thinking and methods. The movement uses funds raised from private memberships and donations to buy old farmland and buildings. They convert these into new green farming run by professional tenants. Members and their families are invited to participate on a daily basis and to contribute with their knowhow and hands – and to join special food, sowing and harvesting events held throughout the year.

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Gubra sponsors BIKE TO WORK

In 2020 and 2021, Gubra is main sponsor of the big Danish national bike event BIKE TO WORK (Vi cykler til arbejde). It is our vision to lead and inspire to a healthier and more sustainable world. Research shows that there are significant health benefits to be gained when you, choose the bike over the inactive modes of transport such as car and bus. BIKE TO WORK motivates employees to choose the bike to work. This is good for both public health and for the climate.

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Afforestation and biodiversity project in Denmark

Forest and Nature Project Løkkeby

In 2020, Gubra purchases 78 hectares and in 2021 an additional 22 hectares of conventional farmland. Gubra is now creating a 100-hectare forest and nature reserve on the Danish island Langeland. The project aim is twofold: We wish to support the climate with afforestation and we wish to boost biodiversity.

During 2021, approximately 200.000 new trees will be planted. New lakes will be established and large areas of meadows, shrubs and bushes and dead wood will create favourable habitats for birds and insects. A small part of the old agricultural area has been converted into organic farming to the benefit of our canteen and employees.

Forest- and nature project Løkkeby is a local and physical manifestation of Gubra’s green CSR strategy to support the climate and increase biodiversity. Gubra aims to plant 1 million new trees in Denmark by 2025.

SDG donations 2020

Donation from Gubra helps restore important forest in Ecuador

In October 2020, Gubra donates 650.000 DKK to Bird Life Denmark’s Climate Fund (Dansk Ornitologisk Forenings – DOFs Klimafond) to support the acquisition and restoration of 420 hectares of important forest in Ecuador. The donation is matched by a corresponding amount from Bird Life Denmark’s own collections and pooled with funds from foreign donors. The acquisition will help increase biodiversity in the area in general and protect globally endangered bird species not found elsewhere like this Trogon pictured.

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Photo: Alex Rosendahl

Photo: Marianne Kragh Pedersen

Gubra sponsors biodiversity project on Skovsgaard Gods

In Ocotber 2020, Gubra donates 500.000 DKK to promising biodiveristy project on the country famous Danish estate Skovsgaard Gods on Langeland. The project aims to increase biodiversity in the iconic wild forests surrounding Skovsgaard Gods based on wild grazing and smashing trees (veteranization). Skovsgaard Gods – estate and natural areas – are managed by The Danish society for Nature Conservation (Danmarks Naturfredningsforening) since 1979.

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Earlier SDG donations

Den Grønne Studenterbevægelse

In 2019, Gubra donated 100.000 DKK to the green student movement in Denmark (Den Grønne Studenterbevægelse).

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Danmark planter træer

In 2019, Gubra donated 500.000 DKK to The Danish Society for Nature Conservation. The donation was given in connection to the event ‘Danmark planter træer’ (Denmark is planting trees).

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Wildlife Works

In 2019, we sponsored the Kenyan Wildlife Works’ Kasigau Corridor REDD+ Project with 60.000 EUR. This amount is a 1:1 matching (EUR to EUR) between the donation and the amount we used on flight travels in 2019.

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From 2018-2022, Gubra is sponsoring Fugleværnsfonden with 100.000 DKK. The money is used to maintain and promote biodiversity around the Bird Sanctuary Gundsømaglesø.

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Wildlife Works

In 2018, we sponsored Wildlife Works’ Kasigau Corridor REDD+ Project with 200.000 DKK. This contribution was sufficient to off-set Gubra´s estimated CO2 emissions since its inauguration in 2008.

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Plastic Change

In 2017, we sponsored the Danish environmental organisation Plastic Change with 50.000 DKK. 

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Gubra’s Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

We have formulated a vigorous and bold vision for corporate responsibility, emphasizing the need for radical change. We hope our approach will inspire others not to settle for the low hanging fruits of win-win but to raise the bar further and recognize that sacrifices have to be made.

Internal tax on all air travel

In 2019, Gubra puts an internal tax on air travel, balancing all flight expenses dollar to dollar to be used for carbon offset initiatives. This will not only cancel out our own flight emissions – but reduce by multiple-fold our flight-footprint.

Inspire and engage

It is part of Gubra’s vision and mission to act and play an active role in the fight for a healthier and more sustainable world. We engage with politicians and other companies to create awareness and spur action for a more sustainable world.

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How to reduce Danish CO2 emissions by 70 percent in 2030?

Gubra is member of one of the 13 Climate Partnerships (Regeringens Klimapartnerskaber) set up between the Danish Government and Danish businesses. Our CEO Henrik Blou participates in meetings between government representatives and fellow industry leaders from the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. Here they discuss and find solutions to how the industry can most effectively contribute to the Danish government’s ambition to reduce CO2 emissions by 70 percent in 2030.

Danish Government’s Climate Partnership programme with Danish business (Regeringsens Klimapartnerskaber)