Corporate Responsibility guidelines

Gubra’s Corporate Responsibility guidelines


Gubra has four key CR guidelines:

  1. Donating 10 percent of our pretax profit to social and environmental activities
  2. Being carbon negative (absorbing more CO2 than we are emitting)
  3. Inspiring and engaging politicians and other companies to fight for a more sustainable world
  4. Order in our own house

Donating 10 percent of our pretax profit

Gubra is committed to donating 10 percent of its pretax profit to social and environmental activities every year, beginning in 2019. Why 10 percent Why not 20? Or 7 or 37? We are not claiming that 10 percent is the only correct portion for our surplus to enable us to promote one (or more) of the 17 SDGs, while simultaneously running a healthy and competitive business – 9 or 12 percent might also do the trick. We may go higher than 10 percent in the future, but 10 percent is where we will start. By donating 10 percent of our pretax profit each year, we are taking a chunk of money out of the company, but not so much as to sink the ship. We will still be able to run a profitable business by investing in cutting-edge science and maintaining and attracting the best employees. If we took 50 percent for example, this might not be possible.

Being carbon negative

The guideline concerning carbon negativity implies that we minimize our carbon footprint by buying carbon offsets, planting trees and stimulating other carbon emission reducing projects. The relentless rise in greenhouse gases is an emergency situation where we all have an ethical obligation to act. By being carbon negative, we are trying to do our part in the quest towards a CO2-neutral future.

Inspiring and engaging politicians and companies

When it comes to the guideline concerning inspiring and engaging politicians and other companies to fight for a more sustainable world, two things are worth noticing. First, Gubra cannot solve the grand challenges the world is facing on its own, we need assistance from other parties. In the big picture, our direct contribution will be small, but hopefully we can inspire more powerful players – and that might change the game. Second, as the evidence illustrates, humanity is moving in the wrong direction in a number of ways, especially in terms of reducing climate change and loss of biodiversity. We need to change our way of living and doing business – it is as simple as that. As described by Claus Strue Frederiksen and Vincent F. Hendricks in their recent book Kæmp for kloden (Fight for the planet), researchers, politicians and the business community have to join forces and work together in order to solve the grand challenges that humanity is currently facing.  We need unified social responsibility.

Order in our own house

The guideline concerning keeping order in our own house implies that we provide a healthy and non-discriminatory work environment, pay the correct taxes, insist on proper waste management, ensure that our suppliers live up to environmental and social standards, etc.


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