Corporate Responsibility activities

Gubra’s Corporate Responsibility activities

What to do? For a company like Gubra, focusing equally on all 17 SDGs is impossible. We need to narrow the scope. As a biotech company that helps to bring new medicines to patients, SDG 3 concerning health and well-being comes naturally to us. But what else? We have decided to focus mainly on SDGs 13, 14 and 15, because these goals relate to the most severe challenges we are currently facing – climate change and loss of biodiversity.

Below is a list of our current and most significant CR activities:

  • In 2019, Gubra donated 500.000 DKK to The Danish Society for Nature Conservation. The donation was given in connection to the event ‘Danmark planter træer’ (Denmark is planting trees). For more, click here
  • In 2019, Gubra donated 100.000 DKK to the green student movement in Denmark (Den Grønne Studenterbevægelse). For more, click here
  • In 2019, we sponsored the Kenyan Wildlife Works’ Kasigau Corridor REDD+ Project with 60.000 DKK. This amount is a 1:1 matching (EUR to EUR) between the donation and the amount we used on flight travels in 2019. For more, click here
  • In 2019, Gubra puts an internal tax on air travel, balancing all flight expenses dollar to dollar to be used for carbon offset initiatives. This will not only cancel out our own flight emissions – but reduce by multiple-fold our flight-footprint.
  • Gubra is spreading the word and is trying to inspire politicians and other companies to fight for a more sustainable world. The sad truth is that CSR-as-usual is not going to cut it. For more on the need for a new narrative, click here
  • From 2018-2022, Gubra is sponsoring Fugleværnsfonden with 100.000 DKK. The money is used to maintain and promote biodiversity around the Bird Sanctuary Gundsømaglesø. For more, click here
  • In 2018, we sponsored Wildlife Works’ Kasigau Corridor REDD+ Project with 200.000 DKK. This contribution was sufficient to off-set Gubra´s estimated CO2 emissions since its inauguration in 2008. For more, click here
  • In 2017, we sponsored Plastic Change with 50.000 DKK. For more, click here
  • In 2017, our canteen was awarded the organic gold medal (more than 90% organic food) and we have gradually reduced the use of meat (particularly cow) in the canteen so that we now have a minimum of 2 vegetarian days every week. The goal of the canteen is to serve primarily organic and locally produced food. The estimated additional cost per year of going organic for 170 employees is 300.000 DKK per year.
  • Further, recycling is a serious business at Gubra and we have reduced the amount of combustible waste significantly with more than ten different waste groups that are being recycled. 


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