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CSR report 2020: Introducing new ways to reducing our carbon emissions

Already last year, when we published our first CSR report, we were able to say that we have a negative carbon footprint. This year, we reveal more new ways to reducing our carbon emissions. Read about how at Gubra, we are working to lower our commute transportation emissions through the support of greener and healthier ways of getting to and from work. Also, we have expanded our home-grown forest project on the Danish island of Langeland with more new hectares making way for more carbon capture and wild nature.

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A word from the founders

Gubra was founded to create an independent company driven by a passion for science – not profit. Based on our collective scientific, managerial and sales track record we wanted to become a preferred collaborator and service partner to the pharmaceutical and biotech industry in the areas of obesity, diabetes and related metabolic disorders, and to use part of the profits generated to initiate innovative target and drug discovery projects. At our core, we strove for economic and scientific independence with a reasonable work-life balance.

In fact, being dedicated to profitable as well as non-profitable projects was listed as a conclusive statement in our first company presentation. We joined the climate protest march during COP15 in 2009 and from the start we discussed how we could support green initiatives both at the personal and at the company level. Now, 10 years later, we have the financial strength to put some real action behind our words.

Jacob Jelsing & Niels Vrang, July 2019

Climate change, biodiversity and healthy living

Gubra is dedicated to donating 10 percent of our pretax profit to social and environmental activities every year. On top of this, we practice an internal tax on air travel with a 1 to 1 reimbursement of all Gubra flight expenses. Funds are transferred to Gubra’s Green Pool and donated or invested into projects and causes that help protect our climate, boost biodiversity and support healthy and sustainable living.   

We are using the ecological capacity of 1.7 Earths

A way of describing our current unsustainable way of life is by referencing the Ecological Footprint, which represents the Earth’s ability to absorb our greenhouse gas emissions and to regenerate the resources that we consume. According to the most recent data, our consumption and production patterns indicate that we are currently using the ecological capacity of 1.7 Earths (Lin et al., 2017).

If we do not change our way of life, including the way we do business, we are going to pass down a planet to future generations that is in much worse shape than the one we inherited from our forefathers.

While we at Gubra cannot solve the grand challenges the world is facing by ourselves, we want to be part of the solution and we have an ethical obligation to act.

Gubra’s CSR Vision: To formulate and implement a radically new approach to corporate social responsibility and play an active role in the fight for a more sustainable world.

The need for a new narrative

For years, politicians and businessmen have been lured by the win-win narrative, downplaying that sustainability comes with a price tag. It is time to recognize that doing good and doing well, without any tradeoffs, is a fairy tale.

Win-win is insufficient, not bad. Companies should do all they can to find solutions that not only benefit their bottom line but also society at large.

We need a new narrative – one that does not consider you a fool if you act contrary to our own economic interests. Gubra wants to present an alternative story, one about generating profit, not maximizing profit.

Gubra’s CSR Policy

We have formulated a vigorous and bold vision for CSR, emphasizing the need for radical change. We hope our approach will inspire others not to settle for the low hanging fruits of win-win but to raise the bar further and recognize that sacrifices have to be made.

Four key CSR guidelines

1. Donating 10 percent of our pretax profit to environmental activities

Gubra is committed to donating 10 percent of its pretax profit to environmental activities every year, beginning in 2019.

2. Being carbon negative (absorbing more CO2 than we are emitting)

The guideline concerning carbon negativity implies that we minimize our carbon footprint by buying carbon offsets, planting trees and stimulating other carbon emission reducing projects. By being carbon negative, we are trying to do our part in the quest towards a CO2-neutral future.

3. Inspiring and engaging politicians and other companies to fight for a more sustainable world

Gubra cannot solve the grand challenges the world is facing on its own, we need assistance from other parties. In the big picture, our direct contribution will be small, but hopefully we can inspire more powerful players – and that will contribute to changing the game.

4. Order in our own house

The guideline concerning keeping order in our own house implies that we provide a healthy and non-discriminatory work environment, pay the correct taxes, insist on proper waste management, ensure that our suppliers live up to environmental and social standards, etc.

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