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Working at Gubra

We offer an exciting and challenging work environment, where job satisfaction and personal development are top priorities.

Our people are carefully selected based not only on hard-core competencies, but also on their mindset and spirit. Our ambition is that Gubra is a place where talented people are empowered to put their competencies and passion into play every day. We work as a team to make a difference for people with serious metabolic diseases.

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Organic food and great coffee 

Working at Gubra you can enjoy a healthy lunch, fresh fruits and great coffee every day. Our gold-medal awarded canteen serves primarily organic and locally produced food. Every Friday, we get together – all of us – and round off the week with a lovely and filling homemade breakfast. 

More to work life than just work at Gubra

The beautiful and wild nature that surrounds us is a daily invitation to actively use our surroundings in our daily rhythms. We bike to work, we practice walk and talks, we do yoga. Our Gubra Sports Team – everyone is invited – is an inspiration to all of us. Most of us just enjoy the view. We even make our own honey.

Become part of a new narrative

We are constantly reminded that our current way of life is highly unsustainable. There is widespread agreement among politicians and within the business community about the need for radical change.

It is part of our vision and mission to act and play an active role in the fight for a healthier and more sustainable world. Therefore, we have formulated a vigorous and bold vision for corporate responsibility, emphasizing the need for radical change.


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