Peptide chemistry

We synthesise peptides rapidly with high yield and purity

Peptide chemistry is the foundation of Gubra drug discovery. We are experts in peptide drug design, and provide complimentary stability, solubility and formulation support.

Our state of the art solid-phase-peptide capabilities enable us to rapidly synthesise peptides of high yield and purity. We have experience in half life extension strategies.


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Main offerings

Peptide Based Drug Discovery
  • Fmoc based SPPS

  • Parallel Synthesis up to 192 well plate format

  • Cyclic Peptides, disulfide bond formation and stapling

Half Life Extension Strategies
  • Lipidation

  • Mitigation of metabolic hotspots

  • Cyclisation strategies

CMC Characterisation
  • Heat accelerated chemical stability

  • Physical Stability Thioflavin (ThT) assay

  • Solubility techniques-turbidometry

  • Dynamic Light Scattering

LC-MS and bioanalysis capabilities
  • Noncompartmental Pharmacokinetic Analysis (NCA)
  • In vitro and in vivo plasma stability
  • Identification of peptide and associated metabolites by high resolution tandem mass spectrometry

Download flyer: Bioanalysis with Gubra

Machine Learning based drug discovery

Unlocking the potential of peptides through Machine Learning

Medicinal chemists and data scientists at Gubra have joined forces to develop a flexible pipeline for systematic and unbiased screening and development of novel peptide drugs. The platform relies on integrated state-of-the-art laboratory facilities for high-throughput data generation and Machine Learning algorithms trained to recognize drug hallmarks. The streaMLine conClude platform can optimize any peptide for early development.

Watch this video to learn about the principles behind the streaMLine conClude platform.

Remarkable track record in development of novel peptide compounds 

Draw on our extensive experience in design, synthesis, characterization and in vivo testing of therapeutic peptides from our longstanding and succeful collaborations with external partners.

We cannot say much yet about the relevant chemistry in play. But here below is a link to one of our press releases from our collaboration with Boehringer Ingelheim. It explains in overall terms the synergies between our companies and our role in terms of early peptide development.

Gubra press release August 2021: Drug candidate from obesity collaboration between Gubra and Boehringer Ingelheim enters clinical phase 1 trial

Discover streaMLine

Several novel targets have already been identified using our preDict platform. Our peptide drug discovery platform conClude delivers unprecedented rapid and unbiased synthesis and characterization of complex peptides.

Learn how our flexible AI/ML platform can support your target or drug discovery objectives.