Transform complex big data to clear output

Next Generation Sequencing & bioinformatics

Get a simple unique visual overview of your RNA-seq data, when we transform complex expression data into figures ready to present both internally and externally without further modification.

RNA-seq let you connect phenotype results with gene expression results for an enhanced understanding of underlying biological mechanisms. Our extensive knowledge of metabolic disorders allows our bioinformaticians to reduce big and complex data sets to simple easy to interpret figures and results. We are also happy to assist you in interpreting the data by setting up meetings with our NGS team. 

We offer:

Next generation sequencing (NGS)

  • RNA purification from e.g. mouse, rat or human tissue
  • RNA quality control
  • Automated NGS Library preparation for mRNA including library quality control
  • Illumina sequencing

Bioinformatics analyses

  • Extensive data QC analysis including Principle Component Analysis (PCA plot)
  • Differential gene expression analysis (DESeq2)
  • Pathway analysis developed by Gubra including selected metabolic pathways relevant for the specific study (e.g. NASH)

Data package

  • Raw data (FASTQ, Excel)
  • Access to RNA-seq data through GubraView
  • Differential expression overview and clustering analysis
  • Excel file containing all data, including list of differentially regulated genes
  • Pathway analysis (PowerPoint)
  • Figures of disease specific pathways and genes (Prism, PowerPoint)
  • Power Point presentation with all data including pathway analysis ready to present internally/externally

Monocyte recruitment

Excerpt of Gubras NASH focused RNAseq data analysis showing the response of key inflammatory genes.

See data analysis excerpt

“Gubra is easy to work with – less paperwork, valuable scientific input, flexible project management as well as clear and proactive communication.”

Jim Trevaskis
Principal Scientist, Head of In Vivo Pharmacology, Cardiovascular & Metabolic Diseases | MedImmune


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