Molecular pharmacology

Molecular pharmacology

Get access to robust cellular assays for in vitro pharmacology and functional drug testing.

Our main offerings:

Receptor pharmacology for drug discovery (human/rodent receptors)

  • Custom assay design (binding, signaling, functional cellular assays)
  • Assay establishment and validation in commercially available and custom transfected cell lines
  • Hit-to-lead and lead optimization (agonist or antagonist potency, efficacy)
  • Counter-screening on relevant receptors (selectivity)
  • Batch activity and stability testing of your dosing compounds on cells expressing relevant rodent receptors to support in vivo studies

Functional cell assays
(Islets of Langerhans, hepatocytes, enterocytes, leukocytes, tissue-derived cell lines)

  • Mode-of-action and functionality testing in primary cell systems and tissue-relevant cell lines
  • Quantitative pharmacology on cells expressing endogenous receptor levels (EC50/Emax/IC50)
  • Linking in vitro and in vivo pharmacology (example: “in vitro PK” estimation)


  • Signalling: cAMP & cGMP, IPOne, SureFire phosphorylation assays
  • Protein expression: ELISA, AlphaLISA/AlphaScreen, MSD multiplex, Western blot
  • Gene expression
  • Metabolic enzyme activity & proliferation: radioisotope techniques
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