Drug profiling

Profile your drug with in vitro pharmacology

Get access to robust cellular assays for in vitro pharmacology and functional drug testing

We offer high-through-put receptor screening on human and rodent receptors by in-house or commercial cell lines according to your needs. Using primary cells and tissue-derived cell lines, we provide functional drug testing, mode-of-action and quantitative pharmacology.


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Cell-based assay offerings

Receptor pharmacology
  • Agonist and antagonist potency and efficacy
  • Counter-screening (selectivity)
  • Custom assay design (signalling, binding, functional cellular assays)
  • Assay establishment and validation
  • Commercially available and custom transfected cell lines
  • Signalling: cAMP, cGMP, IPOne, phosphorylation assays
  • Flow cytometry
  • Protein expression: ELISA, AlphaLISA, MSD Gene expression
  • Metabolic enzyme activity (radioisotope)
  • Biomek FX and Tecan liquid handling
  • Barcoded sample handling
Functional cell assays
  • Mode-of-action and functionality testing
  • Primary cells and tissue-relevant cell lines
  • Islets of Langerhans, hepatocytes, enterocytes and leukocytes
  • Linking in vitro and in vivo pharmacology

Discover streaMLine

Several novel targets have already been identified using our preDict platform. Our peptide drug discovery platform conClude delivers unprecedented rapid and unbiased synthesis and characterization of complex peptides.

Learn how our flexible AI/ML platform can support your target or drug discovery objectives.

Pre-formulation research 

Physical and chemical stability and pre-formulation research

Strengthen SAR (structure activity relationship) understanding by characterising peptide solubility, physical and chemical stability with our accelerated and high throughput methods. Pre-formulation research and excipient testing is performed for optimal candidate selection.

Contact us if you are interested in discussing how we can support your research with our drug profiling expertise info@gubra.dk