In vivo pharmacology

In vivo pharmacology

We have expert hands-on experience with a wide variety of commercially available rodent models. Furthermore, we have established and benchmarked a number of in house models, which are always readily available. Our readiness, expertise and flexibility continuously broaden our model catalogue related to our custumers’ demands.

Our technical services include numerous tools to provide you with pivotal information about your compounds efficacy on in-life parameters such as food intake, body composition, energy expenditure and blood biochemistry. Following treatment our expert tissue sampling techniques enable us to perform high quality histopathology, histology/stereology and genetic profiling.

Our main offerings:

  • Online food and water intake and recording of locomotor activity
  • Telemetric measurements of heart rate, blood pressure, ECG and blood glucose
  • Energy expenditure testing using indirect calorimetry
  • Total body fat measurements in live animals or tissue samples using our EchoMRI scanner
  • Advanced surgical models: selective vagal deafferentation, central lesions and bariatric surgery
  • ICV and brain site-specific compound administration
  • Oral/intravenous/intraperitoneal glucose tolerance tests (OGTT, IVGTT, IPGTT)
  • Hyperinsulinaemic euglycaemic clamp
  • Models of gatrointestinal inflammation (DSS, TNBS)
  • Urinary and fecal sampling in metabolic cages
  • Cardiac ultrasound

Why choose Gubra?

  • Proven track record with identification of new disease targets and new peptide drugs. The most advanced are currently in clinical development with pharma partner.
  • All projects are led by professional project leaders with strong scientific backgrounds
    and project management experience.
  • All data are generated in-house to ensure high data quality, integrity, speed and
  • AAALAC accredited in vivo facility
“Gubra’s DIO NASH model services are truly best in class.  The ease and speed with which we could initiate studies and receive data was incredibly helpful in advancing our program. In addition, their ability to examine liver histopathology pre-and post-treatment was key to understanding efficacy.”

Brandee Wagner
Director of Biology | Metacrine

Read more about in vivo assessments in Gubra models:

NASH ob/ob

The Gubra accelerated NASH model based on the leptin-deficient ob/ob mice offered a high fat/fructose/cholesterol diet for 12 weeks.

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PX rat

The Gubra pancreatectomized (PX) rat is hyperglycemic from the time of PX and is ideal for anti-diabetic pharmacological testing and for modeling diabetic complications.

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The Gubra diet-induced obese (DIO) NASH mouse model enable assessment of various key histological hallmarks of NASH.

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Gubra DIO rat

The Gubra diet-induced obesity (DIO) rat is offered a two-choice diet enabling measurements of food preference changes during pharmacological or surgical interventions.

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Animal welfare

Gubra’s state-of-the-art animal facilities are staffed by trained animal technicians and veterinarians providing professional handling and close monitoring of all research animals.

Gubra is dedicated to ensuring optimal animal welfare and all studies are licensed by the Danish Animal Experimentation Inspectorate and conducted in accordance with the Danish Animal Experimentation Act (BEK nr 12 of 7/01/2016), which is stricter and therefore fully compliant with the European directive (2010/63/EU) and internationally accepted principles for the care and use of laboratory animals.

Gubra applies the 3R principles (replacement, reduction and refinement) to all animal studies and we believe that laboratory animal welfare is an ethical responsibility that encompasses all aspects of animal well-being, including proper housing, clinical and behavioral management, nutrition, disease management and treatment.