Ex vivo assays – Detailed description  of offerings

  • Plasma and tissue biochemical assays
    We offer routine and custom biochemistry on plasma, urine and tissue homogenates. Rodent plasma is analyzed on the cobas c501 platform providing multiple analyses in one sample. Ex vivo tissue analyses provide quantitative endpoints (e.g. liver cholesterol) to facilitate detailed treatment group comparisons.
  • Immunoassays
    Plasma and tissue samples are analyzed using commercial and in-house generated ELISA and alphaLISA kits. Trusted reagent providers include Mercodia, Perkin Elmer and more (assay-specific). We take advantage of our Mesoscale Discovery multiplex platform for analyzing certain plasma hormones and inflammatory mediators in plasma and tissue.
  • Automation
    Automated liquid handling and the clinical cobas c501 analyzer ensure robust results when analyzing multiple biomarkers in large samples sets.
  • Bioanalysis
    Contact us for your PK sample analysis requirements (LC-MS/LOCI)
  • Custom biomarkers
    We evaluate scientific and technological aspects of suggested biomarkers as agreed with you, and we perform pre-test of assays in model-relevant matrices and samples to ensure valid analytical results.