Gubra reaches third research milestone under a collaboration agreement with Sanofi

Hørsholm, August 30, 2017

Today, Gubra announced the successful conclusion of a research collaboration with Sanofi, focusing on the discovery of novel gastrointestinal peptides that could potentially lead to the development of drugs for the treatment of diabetes and obesity. Concurring, Gubra achieved a further milestone by identifying such novel peptide and demonstrating fulfilment of certain predefined criteria. The collaboration between Sanofi and Gubra was built upon the research consortium between Gubra, Gentofte Hospital and The University of
Copenhagen started in 2012 which was partly funded by The Danish National Advanced Technology foundation.

“Throughout our four-year collaboration with Gubra we have been impressed by the quality of their work and their diligence. The achievement of this third research milestone reflects a great collaboration where all parties have contributed and benefitted. This has been a textbook example of a well-executed research collaboration for all parties involved”, says Philip Just Larsen, Senior Vice President and Global Head Diabetes Research and Translational Medicine at Sanofi.

“The collaboration has been instrumental in transforming Gubra from a relatively small company into a much more robust and diverse company with a broad portfolio of capabilities and a pipeline of discovery projects. The collaboration with Sanofi has been impeccable and we are very proud that we have been able to deliver such strong data and state-of-the-art research enabling us to meet the criteria for this milestone three. This collaboration clearly showed how big pharma, biotech and academia can work together efficiently towards a
common goal”, says Henrik Blou, CEO at Gubra.

About Gubra
Founded in 2008, Gubra is a privately-held biotech company located in Denmark delivering scientific counselling, contract research services, and projects for co-development in three main focus areas: Diabetes, obesity, NASH and Gastrointestinal diseases. Gubra specializes in in vivo pharmacology, histology, RNA sequencing, bioinformatics and peptide discovery. Gubra delivers preclinical services to our partners by combining cutting-edge technology with our accumulated experience and proven methodology. Additionally, Gubra has several early target and drug discovery programs aimed for partnering. For more information, please visit our website at

Contact Gubra: Henrik Blou, Gubra, CEO,, +45 2861 6845.