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Gubra announces changes to executive management team

June 1, 2016

Today, Gubra announced a change in its executive management team. In order to continue to stay focused on high scientific standards and to accommodate strong growth going forward in both its client base and revenue, Gubra has appointed CBO Henrik Blou as new CEO. In addition, Gubra has appointed Jan K. Villadsen as new CFO. Co-founder and current CEO Niels Vrang will continue full time in the company, but focus on client relations, science and innovation. Gubra has experienced significant growth in revenue and customer base in 2015, a large increase in the number of employees over the past 12 months, as well as a recent move to new facilities.

Niels Vrang emphasized the importance of this organizational adjustment: “Today we have more than 65 employees at Gubra and we feel that the time has come to boost the executive management team while maintaining scientific excellence. Henrik Blou has shown a thorough understanding of Gubra and at the same time impressed us with his ability to make things happen. I – for my part – will now be able to focus on scientific and business interactions with our customers and internally. It is a natural move – just a matter
of finding the right time”.

”Gubra is in a very interesting position: We are attracting a lot of talented and enthusiastic people and we are growing on almost all parameters”, Henrik Blou says. “I am very grateful that I am offered this opportunity – it is an honor to be selected to lead Gubra into
the next era”.

About Gubra ApS
Founded in 2008, Gubra is a privately-held biotech company in Hørsholm, Denmark. Gubra focuses on metabolism – notably obesity, diabetes and NASH. Within these core areas, Gubra delivers preclinical services to their partners. In addition to the CRO services, Gubra has several early target and biomarker discovery programs. For more information, please visit the company’s website at

About Henrik Blou
Henrik Blou has 10 years of experience from the biotech industry, most recently as CBO (Gubra ApS); BD/Corp. Dev. Director (EpiTherapeutics ApS – sold to Gilead Sciences, Inc. May 2015); CEO (Aros Pharma ApS) and CEO/COO/founder (MycoTeQ A/S). He started his career as a management consultant with McKinsey & Co. before becoming a biotech entrepreneur. Henrik Blou holds an MSc. in Chemical Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark.

About Jan K. Villadsen
Jan K. Villadsen has been working more than 35 years in the financial sector as well as in private and public companies. Most recently he was the SVP of Debt Capital Markets at Nykredit. Prior to this position he was the CFO of two biotech companies, NatImmune A/S
and Neurokey A/S. Other previous positions include Head of Financial Solutions (Nykredit); Group Treasurer (Group 4 Falck A/S); Head of Treasury (KommuneKredit); First Vice President, Debt Capital Markets (Baltica Bank); Vice President, Debt Capital
Markets (Hafnia Merchant Bank).

Contact Gubra
Henrik Blou, Gubra, CEO,, +45 2861 6845