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Randy J Seeley, PhD, University of Cincinnatti

“I have known Niels Vrang for more than a dozen years and have followed both his work and career closely. Over that time I have been impressed with both his depth of knowledge and his ability to think through scientific problems. I often recommend Gubra to companies that need help in profiling their obesity and diabetes drug targets. It is incredibly important not to simply get data on the actions of these drugs in assays but to get HIGH QUALITY data. This allows for much better decision-making and more rapid progress in the drug development process. Bottom line is that the team at Gubra are great at what they do.”

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Michael Cowley, Monash University

“Gubra’s business is quite unique: They have focused on metabolic disease, a critically important disease in the developed, and in the developing world. They have succeeded in combining careful design, enlightened scientific methodology and rigorous attention to detail with timely reporting. This is a rare feat for a CRO, and one that sets Gubra apart from other organizations in this space. For a preclinical project where timing and accuracy are important, I would always recommend using Gubra.”

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